[PHYS 0201]
Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

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Professor: Ratcliff S

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Evaluation Comments for Ratcliff S

  1. It was a good class and is the last of the physics classes one should take if they are not interested in heavier math.
  2. No Comment
  3. No Comment
  4. the class is way easier than any other physics class. however, the exams are still sort of tricky especially the final. very very little work.
  5. An easy class with a great professor. If you like science, take it, and you won't regret it.
  6. Prof. Ratcliff is great at explaining tricky concepts (which there are a lot of--none off the material is really intuitive). His gave a fair amount of partial credit, and his lectures (with his extremely dry sense of humor) were clear. Take it with him.
  7. Great class! Great Professor, if you want to learn physics Steve is the guy.
  8. This isn't an easy course, but it is interesting stuff, and Ratcliff keeps the lectures interesting
  9. Ratcliffe is a great teacher. He is very professional and treats you like an adult. You have to make sure you have your question down if you're oging to go ask him. He's really has the material down.
  10. I'm a physics minor and can say with confidence that this has been my best class at Middlebury. Studying relativity and quantum physics opens one's eyes to the very counter-intuitive nature of our physical universe as revealed by modern physics. If you think that time goes by at a constant rate or that the position and velocity of particles in the universe can be determined accurately, think again. This course challenges our most basic notions about physical reality. Ratcliff does a great job. He is very good at explaining concepts and has a great sense of humor. He does not assign too much work and is a fair grader. If you attend class regularly, take notes, do the homework and readings, there is no reason you should struggle to get a good grade.
  11. Ratcliff is SO AWESOME. He's genuinely interested in physics and is always available to help or explain things. This class just had a really great atmosphere and was very very interesting. Just make sure you don't leave problem sets until the last minute. Sometimes they take a bit of time to work through.
  12. Ratcliff is one of the most wonderful teachers I have ever seen. He is professional, smart and humorous. Take his class, you won't regret!
  13. Ratcliff is hilarious and he is such a great teacher. He explains things very well and understands that you have a life so you don't have really long problem sets, just a lot of short ones. Great Class!
  14. This stuff is deep. Don't expect to get it right away, I still don't. If you do the reading and the problem sets, you should do fairly well. Suggestion: do the problem sets with at least one other person.

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