[PHYS 0110]
Electricity and Magnetism

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Professor: Graham N

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Boring (69.2%)
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Average (7.7%)
Easier (46.2%)

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Evaluation Comments for Graham N

  1. As a physics major who took AP in high school, I was debating even taking this course, or skipping it completely. I was very happy I took it, especially with Graham who is one of my favorite professors. Highly recommend.
  2. Noah is extremely approachable and strikes a balance in class of getting through the material and answering peoples' questions that most professors are unable to achieve. Yeah ok he is a little bit awkward, but he is a Physics professor. People, what do you expect? The tests are manageable usually only having one problem that is a more difficult variation of a problem on the homework. Also labs can be cool including showing you how your key-card or even your credit card works. That magnetic strip ain't called that for nothin'. How speakers work, and how ekg's work were other cool applications we covered in lab. Bottom line, Graham is extremely helpful, always in his office, and I highly recommend him.
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  5. This class was good, but really really difficult. Noah did a good job I thought, but the labs could have been better.
  6. Noah is great and makes physics so much easier to understand. He's always very willing to help out and answer questions, and he's pretty good at explaining things as long as your questions are specific. I was dreading taking this class as a pre-med requirement, but he made it much less painful than I had anticipated.
  7. Noah is the man, and his lectures are great- very thorough and well explained. The guy is extremely awkward, but that?s half the fun. The grading system could use quite a bit of re-working, but unless you?re the kind of person who gets bogged down by that kind of stuff, I suggest you take this course. Try to get the lab period w/ Noah himself- Calista can be very clueless at times (or just all the time).
  8. Never take this class with graham. He is the most socially awkward guy i've ever met, and his tests were impossible. He favors certain kids and hates athletes. His labs were extremely hard to follow. If you take this class, be ready to put in a lot of work to learn the stuff on your own. Three exams, 31 problem sets (3/week), and lab reports and TAs that are pretty short but confusing. Take it with someone else. Period.
  9. never ever ever take this class with Noah Graham. The class itself is pretty standard though i think kinda useless if you are only taking it for premed requirements. moreover, if you are unable to make the final exam due to any reason, he will NOT reschedule and will not budge. he doesnt listen to administration and will not change his policy for anyone.
  10. Taking this class is definitely my biggest regret at Midd. I'm sure Graham is a nice person and I'm sure he's very intelligent, but he's pretty bad at teaching. His explanations are confusing and his answers to questions usually make things even more so. Sometimes the labs were bearable but usually they made me want to jump off the roof of bihall. Midterms were also EXTREMELY hard, and his "curved" grading system is totally opaque - he doesn't even explain how he curves, he just goes ahead and does it. Avoid if possible.
  11. Noah Graham is a fantastic professor. His ability to take such an abstract topic and make it interesting and engaging is impressive. The material, while useful, is at times obscure. Overall, good class
  12. Noah is one of the best the physics department has to offer: a brilliantly modern mind with the ability to capture and fascinate the crowd for hours on end. Ok maybe not but let me tell you if you have to take a physics class take it with this man... hands down.
  13. Definitely take this class with Noah. He is a great lecturer and is always available for help. He also is extremly awkward and makes the same jokes every single class period which is hilarious. The material in this class is difficult but not impossible, and if you put in the time you will end up loving it.

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