[HIST 0244]
Early Modern Europe, 1555-1789

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Professor: Monod P

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  1. Professor Monod is a great guy and the class is very interesting. It's tough to know where you stand grade wise in this class because there are only 2 papers. However, the material is great and he brings many other things into class besides notes. Monod loves to include paintings, songs, and other multimedia in his presentations which makes them even more interesting. Take this class if you can.
  2. Professor Monod was hilarious - in a nerdy professor sort of way. He was very willing to shift the focus of discussions towards whatever we were particularly interested in, which made participation easy even if you had only read a short passage of one reading. It is important to do the readings for the mid-term and final.
  3. Take this class. It was fantastic and Monod is the absolute best professor I have ever had at Midd so far. I loved that class enough that it confirmed my desires to be a history major and to have Monod as my advisor. His lectures are always entertaining and comprehensible. There is a fair amount of reading in the course but it is completely manageable and rewarding.
  4. Professor Monod is a great professor, he is really passionate about his subject and wants to make it interesting for his students. Sometimes some of the lectures are a litle dry but he always has pictures to illustrate his points. He is a bit of a hard grader but always willing to help if you need it. Interesting course!
  5. Paul Monod is a good lecturer, and his lectures and discussions were always interesting. He is a very easygoing professor, and very approachable. There is a LOT of reading for this course, and your grade is based only on two papers, a final, and discussion participation, so do at least enough of the readings that you have something to talk about.

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