[HIST 0105]
History of the Atlantic World

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Professor: Monod P

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  2. Good course. There is a lot of reading, you have to know a little about a lot of things to be prepared for the tests. But you have to know a lot a lot about one or two things to write a good paper. He's a hard grader. The class made me want to be a history major - but keep in mind that he doesnt like to give out A's. If you take the course you will do a good amount of work and you might not get the grade you wanted.
  3. Besides the fact that the lectures were at 8am in the morning, Monod was one of the best lecturers that I have had. Discussions were always entertaining and educational as well and I found that his teaching was the type of teaching that stuck with me for more than just the next test. He is a tough grader. I thought I aced the mid term and the final but got a B on both. I ended up with a B in the class.
  4. I did all of the reading and studied a TON and didn't get an A. This is not the class to take if you're just looking to fulfill a requirement. It's a lot of work and disappointing grades. But Monod is an awesome guy and he shows really interesting pictures throughout lectures to keep students interested. Anyone interested in History would like the class.
  5. One of the easier history classes I've taken at Midd, but also very enjoyable. Monod is an excellent lecturer and entertaining in discussion. There is a good amount of reading but that comes standard with history. Monod is a tough grader, but I definitely left his class a better writer. Recommend it for completing a requirement.

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