[HIST 0285]
Colonial Latin America

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Professor: Davis, D

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  1. Davis means well but the class was terrible. Lectures were all over the place and tedious, our text book was uninformative (I think I knew most of the material before taking the class), discussions were not well organized and often not based on assigned reading, Davis would ask people questions and either not allow them to answer by talking over them or disregard their arguments, assignments were not well explained and grading was extremely subjective. This class was largely a waste of time. It was really hard to care about anything we did in it. However the Professor was nice and maybe his other classes are better.
  2. No Comment
  3. Davis is miserable. He refuses to really say anything beyond the completely superficial because he doesn't want to offend anybody. It seems like he lacks confidence in himself, which is a disaster in a history class

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