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Professor: Peterson, B.

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  3. This is the best first-year seminar; no doubt. There's only one book, The Sibley Guide to Birds which is like a 30 dollar book. There is NO reading. Only about 5 papers throughout the course. (Which were like 2-5 pages double spaced!) There was no final (but a final project due at the end of term). Bruce is one of the nicest, friendliest guys you'll meet. He knows everything from the physics of flying (depending on the bird, of course) to evolution to habits and calls. This makes a great first year seminar because he goes light on the work, unlike other fyse's, but he takes grading your paper's seriously. He's really laid back, and overall it's just an amazing class. There's even a facebook club in honor of this wonderful class [Show me your tweeters]. Enjoy!
  4. Bruce is the man! Take this course if you can. There's a lot of random facts incoporated into dicussion, and we don't always stay on topic, but it's never boring! There's very little work and Bruce is a fair grader. It's THE BEST first year seminar.
  5. Peterson rocks my socks!!! This course teaches you random wonderful things like how to make bird calls and how to confuse students about ocean currents. There's a little bit of everything in this class (evolution, anatomy, birdwatching, bird songs, history) and there's not a lot of work at all, mostly birdwatching. It's got a kick-back atmosphere and a kick-ass professor. Take this course if you can!!!

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