[MATH 0122]
Calculus II

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Professor: Peterson, B.

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9-11hr (16.7%)
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Harder (50%)
Average (0%)
Easier (50%)

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Yes (66.7%)
No (33.3%)

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Evaluation Comments for Peterson, B.

  1. Bruce taught this class because of the amount of kids on the waitlist for Calc II. I struggled on tests all semester, yet my homework grades suggested I would be doing much better. I place much of the blame on my personal background in trig, and I give credit to the professor for seeing my effort and ultimately letting me pass. However, the class itself is rather boring, no applications are shown (I like to know why any given thing is important), and he often was difficult to find for help.
  2. This was a HARD class. Tests weren't bad if you studied. The fact that they were take home was nice, but left that nagging feeling "could I have figured that out if I'd studied one more day or one more hour?" The final was KILLER HARD. The fact that Bruce left before the last day of classes and didn't return until after I'd left campus made it a little bit harder. I would have liked to ask him some more questions because I felt he was much better at anwering than the other professors were.
  3. Bruce Peterson's grading system doesn't really make sense...go talk to him about, I don't really know what grades in that class reflect.
  4. This class was very difficult and moved extremely quickly. I did not complete the course with a better understanding of calculus nor do I think I am able to take another math course here at Middlebury because I have not grasped any of the concepts of this course.
  5. To use Bruce's own phrase, this class is "patently ridiculous"
  6. not the best ive taken, for sure

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