[MATH 0122]
Calculus II

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Professor: Bremser, P

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Boring (33.3%)
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Easier (16.7%)

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Evaluation Comments for Bremser, P

  1. Only take this class if you are sure you want to continue in math - absolutely killed my GPA first semester. Bremser is very nice but it's just hard material.
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  5. This is about a close to a "weed-out" course as we get at Midd. That said,Professor bremser expected the students to put in much of the effort on their own time and learn by doing the homework. Class with professor Bremser was average, the teaching methods were not disorganized, the atmosphere was kind of stale in the class room so it was easy to wander off during homework review and come back in the middle of an explanation of a new idea. Just your average Calc II class
  6. Boring class, teaching seems to be all over the place. Though, math really isn't my thing.
  7. I took this course to continue my math education, and unfortunately for me I elected to take a course with Prof. Bremser. She was outright the worst math teacher I have ever had. The material was presented in a completely disorganized manner, and her classes were spent reviewing the homework that she had failed to prepare us for. She spent all but ten minutes of every class reviewing the homework, leaving little time to actually teach us. Do not make the same mistake I did, do not take any class with this teacher.
  8. Bremser is a perfectly nice professor, but she can't teach. Most of the class period is spent going over homework because no one understands it because it wasn't explained in the last class. As a result there is no time to go over the new material (which she usually does in a rushed manner in the last 15 minutes of class) and therefore no one understands the next homework either. The exams were much easier than the homework, but that's not saying a ton. All in all, I liked calculus, but I would have learned much more if I'd had someone actually teaching instead of just going over homework.
  9. Professor Bremser's tests were easier then the other math professors, but she did not teach the concepts at all. The final was the most confusing test we had all semester, and the general feeling in the class was 'we didn't learn anything on this test!'. Her office hours were limited, but there was a math study group three times a week that I believe a lot of people attended. If you are really smart in math or have had this material before you'll be fine, but otherwise it is your guess to whether her style works best for you. She goes over the homework daily in class, so that helps some students, as most of us couldn't complete the homework without that time.

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