[MATH 0122]
Calculus II

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Professor: Abbott

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Not Much (8.3%
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Friendly (8.3%)
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Boring (41.7%)
Average (58.3%)
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6-8hr (75%)
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Average (0%)
Easier (66.7%)

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Yes (91.7%)
No (8.3%)

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Yes (58.3%)
No (41.7%)

Evaluation Comments for Abbott

  1. Professor Abbott's classes are fun and the homework as well as the collaborative assignments really help you learn. However, his tests are extremely difficult and even if you understand the material it is possible to not do well. They are really awful and you come out not able to think anymore. He is available for help only near the time of a test, but he is often not at his office hours and doesn't respond to emails when you want to meet with him. I would strongly recommend going to the tutoring he does offer and the tutoring that math majors do in the evenings.
  2. Out of all the classes that I took, I worked the hardest on calc II that semester and didn't even get a satisfactory grade. It's true. Abbott is a nice guy, but when it comes to tests, he shows no mercy. Take calc II with another professor if you're only doing it to fulfill the pre-med requirement.
  3. Umm I must agree that his exams are ridiculously hard.Better be prepared to work hard;loads of homeworks and those annoyingly time-consuming group assignments(was kinda rewarding when you got the right answers though!)Very helpful prof but again you really have to work extra HARD!
  4. Dont take this class unless you are really good at math. He explains everything once and expects you to understand it completely. The pace is very fast so there isnt a lot of time to catch up on things. The tests are ridiculously hard no matter how much you study. Like other people have said, his extra help isnt really helpful because hes either talking to other people or has to leave early to help his second grade daughter make gingerbread houses. Take Calc 2 with a different professor, youll learn as much and youll get a much better grade with much less effort and stress.
  5. Only take this class if you love math. Seriously. Abbott is tough and will make you work. The tests are extremely difficult and my grades did not correlate with the amount time I spent studying or doing problem sets for the chapter. This class forces you to think in a new way and I hope I can carry this way of thinking with me for the remainder of my Middlebury career. If you LOVE math, take this class. If not, reconsider and take Calc II with another professor.
  6. If you want to take a class for quality and not the grade you are planning on scoring, take Calc. II with Abbott. His a teacher we loves what he does and wants you to love it to. Take this course and enjoy his humor and intelligence.
  7. Abbott is an amazing teacher. He really cares about making sure that every student understands the material, and he is always willing to give extra help. Lectures are lively and entertaining -- i was never bored -- and still manage to do a wonderful job of explaining the material. The homework and tests were fair. Anyone who likes math should take a course with Prof. Abbott. If you don't like math but have to take it...he's your best bet.
  8. Steve is a wonderful teacher who is very enthusiastic about the subject he teaches. He is willing to spend extra time on concepts that might be more difficult to understand and can explain the concepts in different ways. Also, he is very willing to give extra help.
  9. Steve Abbott is phenomenal!
  10. It's calculus II. Do you really need to hear more? Professor Abbott is very nice about it, but he grades pretty hard.
  11. "Steve is a great guy and gives really up beat lectures.The BIG problem is that if you don't understand the way he explains a concept the first time then you are out of luck. He tries to give extra help but you can end up sitting in the math suite for an hour just to have him help you for 5 minutes because there are so many students up there. He doesn't really go over homework which is tough if you don't just inherently understand the material. His tests and very challenging. Almost none of the problem are straight forward but rather ""applications"" of the material from class. I've probably never worked so hard for such a low grade. However, if you are a math person you should take a class from Steve because he's fun and very nice. "
  12. Well, ok, so i worked my butt off in this class. beware beware beware of all tests and exams. they are evil. abbott's class is a trip, he is the funniest guy and i always had fun in class. But the exams are humbling, let me tell you. if you're a math geek and wanna have a good time, youll love this class. if you're not a natural math guru (liek myself) itll be a challenge. expecialls jumping in first semester of freshman year. but again, abbott's a great guy

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