[MATH 0200]
Linear Algebra

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Professor: Abbott

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  1. great professor, but gpa suffered more than it was worth
  2. Do your homework all the time. Try to read the chapters before you go to lectures which I didn't do and therefore had trouble understanding. In my opinion, this course was not as enjoyable as calculus. Towards the end the assignments get harder and require lots of thinking. Prof Abbott does try to help outside of class but he has a lot of other things going on which prevents him from spending as much time with you as you may sometimes need.
  3. Horribly difficult course, though maybe I shouldn't have taken it as a freshman, or at least should have gotten a taste of math at Midd beforehand. Abbott is nice, really nice, but the lines outside his office are always long, so it's hard to actually get any face time with him. Quality of the class tutors are always a hit-or-miss affair, so it's best to try to see him. Keep up on the homeworks, otherwise I guarantee you'll be lost within weeks, and it will be close to impossible to catch up. My single worst grade at Middlebury; I kind of blame myself, but Prof. Abbott has a lot of responsibilities (co-chair or Ross Commons, I think, family man, has other classes and students to tend to). The course can be rewarding, but unless you already have an interest in the subject, you may find yourself being eaten alive on the midterms and final. As nice as the Prof is, he really takes no prisoners on the exams.
  4. Considerable amount of work. Interesting concepts. very good examples of the use of linear algebra in real life, (ex. monopoly, traffic control, economics) Grading is tuff, don't expect to do well without consistently consulting the professor for help on collaborative assignments.?

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