[MATH 0200]
Linear Algebra

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Professor: Emerson, J.

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  1. Prof. Emerson is really well intentioned and wants to connect with students but as others have said, he's been around for a while and is pretty single minded in terms of his teaching and being able to understand where you are coming from if you are confused. I intend to be a math major so I enjoyed the subject content in of itself but Emerson was too single minded in what he wanted to teach. At a larger school this could have been Linear Algebra for economics or statistics, which are Emerson's areas of particular interest. There were some more theoretical concepts that we glossed over and are key to the deeper applications of linear algebra to other areas of math, not just econ and stats. He has office hours basically all the time but it can take a long time to figure out what it is you're having difficulty with.
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  4. Emerson is a very traditional teacher, and is stuck on his ways. For this it is very hard for him to connect with his students. It is obvious that he has been teaching at midd for a thousand years. In class he repeats himself and he presents the material, in my opinion, in a very inefficient way that is hard to learn. I had seen the material before and that helped me get through the class and also helped me see that he didn't present it very well. I would recommend putting this class off until you can take it with another teacher (unless your only other choice is Gomez, then go for it now). But fairly interesting material if you are a math major.

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