[MATH 0200]
Linear Algebra

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Professor: Schmitt, J

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Average (61.5%)
Competitive (38.5%)

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Boring (84.6%)
Average (15.4%)
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1-2hr (7.7%)
3-5hr (53.8%)
6-8hr (38.5%)
9-11hr (0%)
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Harder (30.8%)
Average (7.7%)
Easier (61.5%)

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Yes (100%)
No (0%)

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Yes (84.6%)
No (15.4%)

Evaluation Comments for Schmitt, J

  1. Schmitt is the fairest professor I have had at Middlebury. It's a tough class, but well worth the work.
  2. I have to say even though he promised to curve the tests, the grade is still kind of terrible and makes me said for a while. Overall a nice class despite that though.
  3. Professor Schmitt is a nice enough guy. The class atmosphere was pretty friendly. The tests in this class were the opposite and were very difficult. I completely understand wanting to give difficult tests, but that must be coupled with better teaching. There was material on tests that we did not fully cover in class. Furthermore, he said on multiple occasions that he didn't want us to be simply regurgitating material on exams and then proceeded to ask us to rewrite proofs and theorems on exams. The test averages were quite low, but he said he would curve final grades. Regardless, I don't think that I will receive the grade I think I deserve, given the amount of effort (which was considerable) into studying for tests and preparing for class. During office hours I found him largely unhelpful as he would just answer my questions with more questions. I found him a little bit hard to talk to in general. Overall, the material learned in the class was valuable, but the effort devoted to the class was not met with an adequate level of achievement.
  4. No Comment
  5. the problem sets and concepts are fairly simple, but his exams are much tougher. nice guy though. good professor who cares that you actually understand the material.
  6. Linear Algebra is not a particularly interesting class, but Schmitt does a pretty good job trying to make it as interesting as possible. Even though it was an 8 AM, I stayed awake pretty easily. The class is very lecture heavy with not much class discussion but he definitely presents the material you need to know. I wish he taught more about the applications of Linear Algebra and that he was a bit more approachable at office hours. It was sometimes hard to hold a conversation with him at office hours. Also despite doing poorly on the final, I ended with an A-. Problem sets are due every class day (M,W,F) at 5 PM. They normally take 1-2 hours each.
  7. Schmitt's the man. He does a really good job with this course. It's hard but really interesting.
  8. Johnny is great, definitely take a math course with him if you can.
  9. Make sure you understand the homework problems and ask questions if you don't.
  10. Tough couse but Schmitt is a great professor that really wants students to understand the material.
  11. Professor Schmitt is a great teacher. In class, he clearly presents everything you need to know, mixing in bad jokes and analogies to keep everyone interested. The tests were difficult but fair.
  12. Professor Schmitt is an excellent professor. The material is presented in a clear manner and the tests are fair. Also, Schmitt's classes are really relaxed and funny. I highly recommend this class.
  13. Compared to calculus, I found the concepts fairly simple, although the exams were tough. Schmitt is the man... he's got a good sense of humor, and knows how to present the information.

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