[MATH 0200]
Linear Algebra

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Professor: Olinick M

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Evaluation Comments for Olinick M

  1. the lecture has nothing to do with the homework or the tests. the homework also doesnt have anything to do with the tests. the class hated it because it hurt everyone's GPAs. if you are an eager freshman find another professor to take the class with because olinick is not good. its not worth your time. the tests are very hard because they are all proof based. olinick has office hours but he is not that helpful in them. TAKE THIS WITH SOMEONE ELSE--unless you are a super math wiz, like you already took the class and can write awesome proofs that you never learned before on the spot.
  2. Take this class with someone else. If you are an eager young freshman and like math do not start with any class taught by Olinick. Its so boring, the tests are 3x as hard as the other linear teachers. while he is available he is not helpful in office hours. By far the worst class i ever took at middlebury. it did awful things to most of the class's GPAs. TAke it with someone else
  3. Don't take this class, you'll regret it. When I signed up for this class I didn't listen to the midd kid reviews, and that was a big mistake. The class actually sucked. You're not paying $60,000 a year for a class taught by Olinick.
  4. No Comment
  5. too much work... absurd tests... useless lectures... don't take it!!!
  6. don't take this class with Olinick if u are not prepared for his boring lectures (he mostly talks about proving theorems)...exams are very hard and rarely relevant to our homework that takes you an awful lot of time!
  7. A very dull class. Aside from a few applications, linear algebra seems repetitive and fairly pointless. The term paper at the end of the semester was an odd element for a math class. Don't take unless you really want it as a prereq for an upper class or prefer theory to calculations.
  8. It may have been Olinick himself or just the material but this was easily the most boring class I have ever taken. Lectures were of little use and homework was excruciating to complete, even on days when the assignment was brief. Olinick just stares and the board and drones on and on when he "teaches". I would not recommend this class to anyone. If you don't have to take it, don't take it.

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