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Linear Algebra

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Professor: Swenton F

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  2. This course is very conceptual making the material sometimes difficult to understand. However, Swenton was always available to help and I learned a lot from this course.
  3. Swenton knows the material very well but is inefficient at presenting it. Eventually I stopped going to lectures and just studied from his website
  4. frank is, without a doubt, and excellent professor. he is intelligent and gets you motivated about the material. however, this class is extremely difficult. if you don't do the problem sets before the next class, you're screwed and you won't understand anything. fortunately, frank's office hours are very useful and he's always willing to help if you have questions. frank's the man!
  5. Frank will be your favorite teacher. However, this class is verging on impossible. I thank my lucky stars that I had Frank, because it would have been hideous with any other prof.
  6. Frank Swenton is the man...quite possibly the best teacher I have ever had! The only drawback is that he is incredibly hard and if by some chance you plan to take this class and dont plan to be a math major, then I wouldnt advise on taking it with Frank. However, he is the best math professor we have and it's amazing to have class with him. He really beats in the fundamentals and if you plan to be a math major this class with this professor is invaluable
  7. Swenton is a really nice, approachable professor. Although a little goofy, he is probably the smartest professor in the math department. He is extremely organized, gets exams back quickly, and in true math professor form, loves explaining the distribution of scores on exams via graphs and charts (all available on the class website). Because it is clear that Swenton has such a deep understanding of the material, he is able to break down the subject into more manageable terms for students who have never been exposed to it before. He doesn't use a textbook. This seems somewhat frightening for a math course, but Swenton makes his own textbook-like sheets and describes the information in ways that he believes make more sense than the textbooks that are out there. He truly does put the time and effort into the course and it really shows. At the end of the day, linear algebra is hard (if you are planning on taking the class you probably already know that). As long as you devote a substantial amount of time to this class and complete the problem sets (which are not graded nor do you hand in - however he takes a lot of test material from the problem sets and tells you this from the beginning) then you will be fine! He is a very fair professor. Definitely take linear with him!
  8. Swenton always did a good job of explaining things in lecture, and if it does't make sense there, which it probably won't, he is regularly available for office hours, and very nice to sit down with. There were 3 tests and an exam. And problem sets handed out almost every class, however you were not required to hand them in. They are a must if you don't want to fail the tests. Swenton is good teacher and a great guy, very understanding and accommodating, and fair in his grading.
  9. I have a hunch that Linear Algebra is Swenton's best class. It felt like he was in his element with the material. He presents it in a very linear (hah!) way, in that he would demonstrate how the need for the next concept arose and then show us how it evolves out of the previous material. This approach can make the material more daunting than it could be, since he would be doing proofs on the board that we didn't have to do, but as a math major I really enjoyed it. One really fantastic thing about this class is that Swenton makes the problem sets himself with no textbook (so he knows what you know), and he also posts full solutions to each problem set. The consequence is that the exam questions are often very similar to the problem set questions so they're great for preparation. The exams were mostly manageable though I found the final to be harder than I thought it would be. Overall, I think Swenton is a gem of a professor and he is very passionate about the material, so I would recommend the class.
  10. Frank is a great teacher. His enthusiasm for his material was contagiously motivating, and made the course's mathematical processes and concept look easy. His midterms are no fun though. Think 3 hours of grueling computation, and regurgitating term definitions. I loved the material though, which made the course fun for me. As a pre-engineering student, linear algebra is core requisite to many higher level physics and computer science courses. If you typically enjoy math courses then you should definitely take this one. Just understand the work involved.
  11. This is an excellent class. Swenton is extemely enthusiastic about the material and makes it easy to be engaged in the course. While it was a lot of work, this class is definitely worthwhile.
  12. swenton goes so fast in class...learned most of the stuff from his website
  13. Frank is a nice guy and he knows the stuff backwards and forwards so he can explain it you in several different ways if you are having trouble. Good class
  14. I took Calc 3 and Diff. Eq. in high school. If you are in a similar situation you will hate the class and be bored to death.
  15. Frank Swenton is the best math teacher I've ever had and the most fascinating professor. He is very excited about what he teaches and in turn excites the students about the material.
  16. Frank is an amazing, enthusiastic professor and is always available to help. This class is quite a bit of work but it has been my absolute favorite this semester, and I'm not even planning on being a math major.
  17. Frank Swenton is a very good professor who is very clear and very available to help you. The subject is confusing at first but gets much better.
  18. Swenton is a great teacher and was readily available to answer any questions I had. I would definitely recommend taking a class with him. This class consisted of three tests and a final.

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