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Linear Algebra

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Professor: Schumer P

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  4. Professor Schumer is the man! He makes funny jokes during class and is always laughing. He pretty much teaches from the book, so if you like that sort of direct, plain-and-simple teaching method, then this class is for you.
  5. Pete Schumer is THE MAN. He is really nice and jovial and makes an otherwise boring topic tolerable. That being said, the material is still abstract and you'll have trouble connecting it to any real world application. The homework was a lot of work but necessary for understanding. The tests were extremely fair and Pete was great about giving partial credit. However, the final was multiple choice, which sounds great on principle but sucks because of the total lack of partial credit. You'll do a very complex, 10 minute problem and then screw up a basic trig rule and lose all the points. I went into the final with a solid A and came out with a B that I felt did not in any way represent my work or learning in the course.
  6. This class made me realize that I will not be a math major. Linear algebra is very difficult for someone that isn't naturally good at math. Homework assignment generally took me three hours and I had to re-read lecture notes to figure out exactly what happened during class. Prof. Schumer is awesome, math just isn't for me.
  7. Schumer's one of the best professors in the math department, though I felt like he didn't demand enough understanding from us in this class (mostly we were tested on our knowledge of skills and processes rather than a deep understanding of the material). That being said, Pete explains the material very well and he's always willing to help outside of class. If you want or have to take Linear Algebra, take it with Pete!
  8. Professor Schumer clearly knows his subject well, and teaches in an organized way that simplifies studying for tests and is easy to follow. The lectures can be somewhat boring; I found that the best way to stay focused was to ask myself how and why each new concept worked, rather than just writing down the material, and I would recommend the strategy to anyone who isn't naturally fascinated by the inner workings of vectors, matrices, and systems of equations. The warm-ups before class are generally fun, and the professor's sense of humor grew on me over the semester. In response to the comment above mine that his jokes were offensive, I took the course in the fall of 2008, and there wasn't a single offensive joke, or even humor that could be construed as offensive. Prof. Schumer was remarkably good at not picking favorite students, and seemed friendly to everyone who put effort into the class. The homework can take hours, especially after the first midterm, so it was sometimes hard to keep up. Still, I would recommend the class to anyone who is intellectually curious about math.
  9. Pete is probably the nicest and funniest prof you'll meet on this campus. Very helpful and easy-going. Just keep up with the homeworks and study well for the midterms and it'll all be as you wish. Although LA can be quite abstract!!!
  10. Prof. Schumer is one of the best math professors I've had at Midd. He's hilarious and his tests are pretty straightforward (no need to prove boring theorems, yea!)! He makes sure he presents the material in a most comprehensible way and it's true that his lectures have close similarity to the textbook, but that's a common practice for most math professors. Schumer for president!!
  11. I would avoid Schumer at all costs. He is easily the worst professor I have had at Middlebury. He teaches DIRECTLY from the textbook without any deviation. He provides no interactive way to understand the material. His lectures are terribly boring. When I realized just how little he deviated from the book, I stopped taking notes in class. I didn't even bring paper or a writing utensil to class. I spent most of my time tuning out for ten minutes at a time and checking in just long enough to read the theorems he wrote on the board. In addition to how he teaches the material, his manner of interaction with the class is similarly abysmal. At the beginning of the semester many will find him funny and cute with his jokes, but upon closer inspection, one sees that they are downright mean. Many people in my class found themselves offended by his comments at one point or another. I would not recommend this class to anyone unless you are certain that you want to study higher mathematics. The material itself is abstract to the extreme. Take this course if you already know you are passionate about math and will continue along the path regardless of any obstacles. For me, the love of math has been destroyed.
  12. Professor Schumer is a good professor, the material is sometimes boring and abstract, however. Only take the class if you want to continue in the math program and need it for a prereq for something else.
  13. Schumer is awesome. The class is pretty straightforward, he teaches it pretty much from the book, which is great if that's your style.

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