[MATH 0122]
Calculus II

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Professor: Olinick M

Value of Course / Overall Score

Not Much (46.7%
Average (46.7%)
Valuable (6.7%)


Friendly (66.7%)
Average (33.3%)
Competitive (0%)

Class Atmosphere

Boring (26.7%)
Average (66.7%)
Fascinating (6.7%)

Prep Time Needed

1-2hr (6.7%)
3-5hr (33.3%)
6-8hr (53.3%)
9-11hr (6.7%)
12+ hr (0%)

Grade Weighting

Harder (46.7%)
Average (0%)
Easier (53.3%)

Adequate Assistance

Yes (86.7%)
No (13.3%)

Would Recommend Class

Yes (13.3%)
No (86.7%)

Evaluation Comments for Olinick M

  1. The class makes calculus harder than it needs to be.
  2. Olinick is such a wonderful man, he's so nice and always willing to help. That being said, his teaching skills are mediocre. Be prepared to teach yourself the majority of the material. The tests are brutal.
  3. The course is not unmanageable at all, but Olinick is not a good teacher. He's definitely a nice guy, but he's terrible at explaining everything and can't stick to his "tentative syllabus." We're 2 weeks in and we've already got an extra class session. You really owe it to yourself to not take a class with him unless you absolutely have to, or your hate yourself.
  4. No Comment
  5. This is an extremely boring class. Granted that it is Calculus II, I suggest taking it with another professor. He will basically teach himself on the board and assume everything he says make sense. Very absent minded. The only thing that saved me in this class was constant visits to tutors in 3rd floor Warner.
  6. Tests very fair in terms of material presented on homework and in class - more so than any other teacher I believe.
  7. although he may not remember your name and the material can be tricky... I found that Olinick gives very organized and detailed notes during class (something I think is very important for a math professor). So if you are careful in copying down what he puts on the board... you'll be fine! he is also very open to setting up times to meet with you if you have questions or need help!
  8. Class is very dependent on the student. Tests are not easy or take home. He is a nice guy though.
  9. THIS CLASS IS TERRIBLE Olinick is the least helpful professor, the class is typically huge, you have to teach yourself the material in order to do the homework, and the class is beyond boring. Drop down to Calc I if you can.
  10. DO NOT take Calc II with Professor Olinick, especially not at 8 am unless you're willing to essentially teach the material to yourself. I really liked math in high school and was good at it, but this class kind of killed that. He spends most of lectures just writing up problems on the board and doesn't really explain. Thankfully, he let us take one sheet of equations into the final, otherwise I definitely would have failed this class. The textbook wasn't very good either.
  11. I took 8am calc 2 and it destroyed my whole semester. His lecture was so boring and sometimes disorganized, which is terrible. He will hand out sample exam before midterms. DO IT THROUGH. The actual exam may be the same format of questions.
  12. do NOT take this class at 8. you won't stay awake. the class is pretty boring and the tests are difficult, but the workload is not overly demanding. if you're a good math student, take it, but know that there are kids who took BC calc that know everything already that might be in your class lowering the curve...
  13. YOU WILL DIE WITH 8AM CALCULUS. Unless you're really into math. If you enjoy math, you'll probably have to take Calc II sometime (unless you have APs), just don't take it in the morning. The professor is nice, but the lectures are intensely boring as they tend to just include example problems on how to do things. How much you get out of the class really depends on how much you put into the class (and if you can stay awake in lectures). Not a bad prof, but not the best in the math department.
  14. It's definitely a lot of work but overall nothing really hard. The lectures are extremely boring but if you manage not to fall asleep, you will certainly know all the stuff before you get out of the class room.
  15. Not a very exciting course, but not terribly difficult.

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