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Calculus II

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Professor: Dorman

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  2. This class was basically impossible. Professor Dorman is a nice guy but an extremely unclear lecturer. Stay away from this class. It seems that no matter how hard you work you still fail the exams. I think all I have to say is DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS.
  3. Professor Dorman is brilliant and personable, which really helps to bring the material alive. However, the class is quite difficult and exams require both mastery of the material and good time management and critical thinking skills. They are completely aceable if properly prepared. Very fair prof and tests, but don't take this class if you are looking for an easy time.
  4. Dorman is awesome. I thought he was awful for the first couple of weeks but after I got used to him he was great. There were a couple of times where I thought I was going to bomb the class but I ended up with an A. Just stick with it- sometimes it takes a week to sink in. His office hours were inconvenient but he was always willing to help- if you are struggling to grasp the basic concept his extra help won't be that useful. I heard that there were tutors but if there were they just did their own work. His first tests are very generous but the final is a killer. Problem sets everyday-about an hour each. Don't worry about feeling stupid- in comparison to Dorman you are. Don't challenge him either. Be prepared for spontaneous growling noises at the end of sentences. I like math a lot more after this course.
  5. This is Calc II. Stay on top of your homework. The more you study, the better you will do on the midterms. I studied more for the last midterm than for the first one and it showed. Dorman is a personable fellow. Go to office hours for help and he will help you. Lectures are just hard to follow sometimes, so you have to study extra.
  6. Though Dorman may be a little man, he is definately not short on personality. The presence of his dog at exams sometimes caught me off guard. The class can be very difficult if you didn't take calc 2 at midd. My H.S. didn't prepare me for this course. Make sure you sharpen your basic math skills because no calculators are permitted.
  7. I not only used to think I liked math, but I thought I was good at it. This course is very humbling and very difficult. Dorman is a character, and is great if you HAVE to take this course, but whatever you do, do not takie this course for fun, for a good experience, or foe the DED distribution. It is made to be a pre-med weed-out course, and that is what it is. The only pre-med course I didn't enjoy. Dorman is hilarious though, but is too bright to teach Calc II. He'll belittle you in class, but not in his office. Whatever you do, don't get behind, adn if you have an important question, ask him outside of class, because not only will he spend too much time on it, he won't anwer it. Overall, stay away from Calc II.
  8. Beware of Calculus 2. Prof Dorman is funny and personable...makes Calc come alive, if that is possible. But midterms can be killer, and homework assignments are often very difficult because he does not get to finish lectures (too many questions on homework). If you MUST take this class, definitely take it with Dorman. But if you aren't premed, be very careful.
  9. Maybe Calculus is too easy for him to teach, but I just couldn't understand his lecture anyway~
  10. I really like Prof Dorman. He's a great teacher. I also really like math so I may be biased. I did not find the class boring at all.
  11. Here's a little bit of information about Professor Dorman: He is extraordinarily bright, very eccentric and extremely nice. Although this is the most difficult class that I have taken and Middlebury, and the class in which I received my worst grade here (B-), I absolutely do not regret taking it. In fact, looking back on it, I learned more here than in most other courses, and I know that I earned every point I received. Professor Dorman makes it clear from the beginning that he does not design his course so that everyone can get an A. He says outright that an "A" means to him that one has consistently mastered all of the material (I know in my class of 5 students that at least one girl got an A, so it's not impossible), and that a B is for one who understood the material less thoroughly or less consistently but still quite well, and that a "C" was by no means a terrible grade-- it just meant that you are not great at Mathematics (I was VERY close to falling into this last category myself). Professor Dorman will give you a new respect for Mathematics, and you will have as good a time with him as you could possibly have in Warner Science Hall (if you just aren't great at Math, like me!)

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