[MATH 0223]
Multivariable Calculus

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Professor: Dorman

Value of Course / Overall Score

Not Much (12.5%
Average (62.5%)
Valuable (25%)


Friendly (12.5%)
Average (62.5%)
Competitive (25%)

Class Atmosphere

Boring (25%)
Average (75%)
Fascinating (0%)

Prep Time Needed

1-2hr (12.5%)
3-5hr (37.5%)
6-8hr (25%)
9-11hr (12.5%)
12+ hr (12.5%)

Grade Weighting

Harder (25%)
Average (0%)
Easier (75%)

Adequate Assistance

Yes (87.5%)
No (12.5%)

Would Recommend Class

Yes (62.5%)
No (37.5%)

Evaluation Comments for Dorman

  1. Pretty standard calc class. Dorman does a average job of presenting the material and his exams are fair but not easy.
  2. It's multi-variable calculus. You get what you signed up for. Professor Dorman presents the material in an engaging manner, and as long as you stay on top of the homework (1 hour per day), you'll do fine
  3. The material's interesting but Dorman is not a great teacher.
  4. its not an easy A and confusing to understand. exam pretty straightforward but not as easy as people described.
  5. Dorman knows his stuff, but he has awful handwriting and doesn't have much organization to his lectures, so he's pretty much impossible to follow unless you study the material ahead of time.
  6. Prof Dorman is great-- funny but also gives very clear explanations. Homework every night (about an hour and a half)...definitely a challenging course, but still manageable.
  7. Dorman is a funny guy, forget everything I learned from this class after the summer. I think this is the nature of most of the math class here
  8. I got an A+ on the first mid-term and then started to slack off and ended up with a B+ for the class.??The material is easy IF YOU DO THE HOMEWORK EVERY NIGHT.

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