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Calculus II

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Professor: Schmitt, J

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  8. Teh class was tough. Homeworks were graded extremely unfairly and I worked really hard for a grade I thought was much lower than I deserved. On the plus side, though, John Schmitt is amazing. He's a good teacher and always willing to help outside of class. He's also probably the funniest and coolest guy at Middlebury.
  9. Schmitt is the man, if you have to take Calc, definitely take it with him.
  10. Jon makes Calc II fun AND interesting. Jon always comes to class very prepared and attempts (often successfully) to make jokes about the subject. Jon has a unique way of presenting the subjects that involves not just numbers and equations, but also words! On this note, Jon requires knowledge of how a theorem works, not just rote memorization. As such, you are expected to write out what you are doing or provide other justification for progression through a problem. Jon comes to class in a cheerful mood that tends to spill over onto students and knows virtually everything about the subjects discussed. If you should come up with a question that he doesn?t know the answer to, he?ll look it up or figure it out and come to the next class with the answer. Also, Jon is very approachable. Should you have a question, he is often available in his office until late afternoon every day. If you have to take Calc II, take it either with Jon or Frank (Swenton).
  11. Prof.Schmitt is definitely one of my favorite teachers at Middlebury. He is fun and extremely friendly.
  12. If you have to take Calc II then Schmitt is great. It is a tough course with a lot of work but its definitely not busy work.
  13. I think Schmitt is a genuinely nice, funny guy. But I'm not really fond of him as a professor. The classes were always a great place to be and it was a friendly atmosphere. But I don't like his teaching style; for me, it just doesn't work, and I don't think I was the only person in my class who felt that way. If you're going to take this class, or any other math course, I would take it with Swenton instead.
  14. It is a lot of homework, I'm talking 2-3 hours 4 times a week (there are four assignments a week) so I definitely had to put the most time into this class last semester. Schmitt however, is a great professor and makes class fun and engaging. Although his tests can be hard, he is fare with grading and curves at the end of the semester. The homework is long and I think he should cut down on them but otherwise this class is a great one to have and he's a great prof.
  15. Schmitt is an annoying teacher. He literally writes EVERYTHING on the board he says. While he can be funny sometimes, he is a mean person as well. This past semester, he raised his voice at a girl for looking at the clock and threw the clock out the classroom in anger, came back in and sat down for about five minutes, and got up to teach again. He honestly acted like a five year old. Sometimes he can be sarcastic in a condescending way as well. My grade was a lot lower than I thought it would be as well. DO NOT take this class with him...he is actually too emotional to be a teacher. He should probably find a different career where he does not have to deal with college kids.
  16. This class was honestly one of the hardest classes I've ever taken. I am not a math person but needed it for my major. However, that being said I can't even imagine taking this course with anyone but John. He is truly a fantastic teacher. There is a lot of work involved and you have problem sets due every day but unlike other math professors if you do the homework and really study HARD for the tests you will get the grades you deserve and you will have truly mastered the material. John is always avalible for office hours and as the course gets more difficult you really need to go to those almost daily. If you're unfortunate enough to have to take calc 2 take it with Schmitt seriously.
  17. John is the man. Take as many classes as possible with him. The content on this course was relatively difficult, however it was no problem when a small amount of time was devoted to studying.
  18. Tough course, but great professor. Probably the best math teacher I've ever had.
  19. Schmitt manages to present calculus as something fun and interesting. He explains things well, is willing to devote time to helping students both in and outside of class. Tests are fair - you won't find any surprises.
  20. Prof. Schmitt is a really friendly professor, willing to answer any and all questions. If you want to succeed in this class, you have to be dedicated. It takes going to every lecture and doing every hw assignment and more to succeed. But as long as you're dedicated, it's very possible to do well, especially with Schmitt's wllingness to answer questions.
  21. Prof. Schmitt is a great guy and makes class fun. He did have a little trouble explaining things in more than one way, so if you didn't get it the first way, ask one of your friends. Calc II is a hard course, but it's a great extension of Calc I (or AB). If I was taking any more math at Midd, I'd take another class with Prof. Schmitt. Class is fun, but the effectiveness of his teaching style REALLY depends on your learning style.
  22. Dr. Schmitt is a credit to Middlebury College. He made Calc II accessible and well... fun! If you are unsure who to take calc with, Schmitt is the obvious choice if you wish to learn a lot.
  23. Calc II's tough but I fricking LOVE Jon Schmitt. He's so amazing, there's a facebook club commemorating him. Jon is very organized- he's always prepared for class and is usually in a jolly mood. He knows everything and anything that's related to what he's lecturing and if not, he's the type to get back to you with the answer. Another lovely thing about Jon is that he's always available and usually responds immediately to e-mails. If you HAVE to take Calc II, take it with Jon.
  24. John is a really friendly and funny teacher, and I think that he is a good professor in general. However, I didn't really like the way that he presented the information in this class, and I found the class pretty difficult because of this. I would take another class from John, just not this one.
  25. SCHMITTY!!!!! Calc II is definitely one tough cookie. And seeing as I never took Calc I it didn't make my life easier... but I absolutely LOVE Professor Schmitt. He's hilarious, there's actually a facebook club commemorating him (...I think?!). Schmitt always started off asking you an early morning math question by asking, "What did you have for breakfast?" ...I'll never forget that. The tests are really hard. But, hey, it's Calc II... what do you expect? The most helpful thing for me was the night math help sessions. GO TO THEM (CANT STRESS THIS ENOUGH) THEY HELP SO MUCH. P.S. Ask Schmitty about THE BOYS FROM PHILLY!
  26. Schmitt is bomb.

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