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Graph Theory

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Professor: Schmitt, J

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  2. This is a challenging math course, but it is by far my favorite math course that I've taken at Middlebury. John is a fantastic professor, and Graph Theory is one of his specialties, so he really shines in this class. This is by no means a fly-by course, so be ready to work hard, but you will enjoy it and you will have a great time with John.
  3. The material itself wasn't interesting. John's a harsh grader when it comes to homework assignments, which are generally difficult.
  4. Schmitt is a great instructor, but this should not have been labeled as a 200 level course. The material is fairly straightforward, but being able to write clear proofs is a must in order to survive this course. Exams are also very challenging and long.
  5. This is a proof-based class, so homeworks and tests are all proving statements. Thus, this is a great course to brush up your proof techniques. I took this course because I thought it might have some applications in the field of Economics--unfortunately, Graph Theory is fairly unaccessible and inapplicable to most people and most things, so Economic applications only come at a very high level, higher than an introductory course. That said, (this might sound silly, but) I thoroughly enjoyed taking the final because the proofs that we have the tools to do by the end of the course are quite cool. To do well in the course, do all the hws (25% of average is no joke), and go to every class (and don't fall asleep even though graph theory lectures can get tedious). Note: Schmitt's pet peeve is mixing up "adjacent" and "incident"--he will take points off. Major advice for tests--never leave a problem blank, even if your proof is fundamentally flawed, he is testing our proof techniques, so he'll give at least half credit!

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