[MATH 0116]
Introduction to Statistical Science

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Professor: Emerson, J.

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Harder (55.6%)
Average (11.1%)
Easier (33.3%)

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Yes (33.3%)
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Evaluation Comments for Emerson, J.

  1. It is past time for Emerson to retire. He grades very harshly, homework is graded very harshly, exams are poorly worded and confusing, and it is a incredibly boring class. Emerson believes he is always correct (because he has been teaching so long, he is clearly always right) and the class basically goes in circles and he rarely answers your actual question. He is nice enough but the class is too frustrating to be worth anything. I definitely should have dropped it or taken it with another professor.
  2. This class was not as bad as I thought, considering most of the reviews above. I entered the class expecting it to be very difficult and demanding, but it ended up being manageable. It is true that Professor Emerson tends to confuse rather than clarify, and he does have a tendency to go overtime. We still had quite a lot of homework, but we used a different software (RStudio) that is free and available for download - therefore, we could do the lab assignments on our own computers and not in labs. While the materials are not particularly interesting (I have no interest in math whatsoever), it is a practical class. If you need stats for your major, this isn't too bad a choice.
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  5. Getting a solid background in stats has been very helpful in writing lab reports, etc. Prof Emerson is a really nice guy, incredibly helpful if you dont understand something. This stuff is pretty basic, though, and I felt we could have covered more. You'll spend a lot more time in the computer lab doing HW than you wish you had to.
  6. John Emerson is a very passionate teacher. He is a genuine legend. You can expect to be doing a lot of homework on computers in Sunderland. Very practical class.
  7. DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS WITH PROF. EMERSON! The homework assignments are long, tedious and graded very harshly, and the tests are also extremely difficult. Prof. Emerson has a very friendly demeanor, and is very willing to answer questions. However, it seems more often than not, that talking with him outside of class adds confusion instead of clarification.
  8. Professor Emerson thinks he's the man but he's clearly not. I took intro stats because I thought it would be a filler class with not much work. False. Homework and lab work were pretty ridiculous for an intro class. Also, Emerson made his tests as hard as he could. His help sessions were worthless and he kept us late EVERY single day. Take it with someone else unless you're into learning three chapters out of a textbook/week and getting low grades.
  9. My first comment is that he is ALWAYS talking about his extra office hours at the beginning of class, which is really encouraging to me as a student. Although I've never gone, he also hosts help sessions every sunday, which are generally productive. He may have toned down the homework a little, but there is still quite a bit. Also, our grader this year is pretty brutal with grading on homeworks, but I think Emerson is good enough with statistics to not hold that against us.

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