[MATH 0121]
Calculus I

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Professor: Peterson, B.

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Not Much (21.4%
Average (50%)
Valuable (28.6%)


Friendly (57.1%)
Average (35.7%)
Competitive (7.1%)

Class Atmosphere

Boring (42.9%)
Average (57.1%)
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1-2hr (0%)
3-5hr (50%)
6-8hr (21.4%)
9-11hr (28.6%)
12+ hr (0%)

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Harder (57.1%)
Average (14.3%)
Easier (28.6%)

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Yes (71.4%)
No (28.6%)

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Yes (35.7%)
No (64.3%)

Evaluation Comments for Peterson, B.

  1. Here's the deal with this class. If you've taken calculus before and have a pretty good idea on it, take it!! You basically only have to show up and take the tests which are all take home anyway. Homework counts for almost nothing and he doesn't care about attendance so don't even bother coming. If this is your first calculus class however, DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS. Peterson is a horrible lecturer and you will not be able to learn anything. The only grades that really count are the tests so if you don't understand the material you'll be screwed.
  2. Tests are take home but still extremely hard. Class is 4 days a week and he gives you at least an hours worth of homework a night. Not a very personable guy, chances are he won't even know your name by the end of the semester. I took Calc in high school and I still found the class hard; I would not recommend this class to anyone.
  3. Worst Class Ever
  4. No Comment
  5. If you are going to take Calc I, take it with Bill Peterson. He is so nice and helpful. I was terrified of math from a series of horrible high school teachers, but Bill turned that around. He is very excited about the material and makes HORRIBLE jokes, but at the same time the subject becomes accessible and... dare I say it... even interesting.
  6. Bruce Peterson seems like a nice guy but does not explain concepts well. I took AP calc in high school and did well, but struggled in this course...the lectures are especially difficult to follow. The exams, though take-home, were extremely difficult.
  7. Math is math, the subject does not change much from professor to professor. However a few little things bothered me such as Peterson rarely assigning odd numbered problems which can be checked in the back of the book. Those who had taken calculus in the past breezed by the course while those of us who had no prior expereince tended to struggle a little more.
  8. Peterson is a great guy, someone I wouldn't mind having a beer with. However, he is possibly the worst math teacher I've had, as class time was spent reviewing homework problems instead of teaching new material, creating a loop of falling behind in lesson plans and resulting in students having to teach themselves the material.
  9. Professor Peterson is a fantastic person. Middlebury dragged him out of retirement to teach this class last semester and yet he had so much patience for us. As someone who took calculus in high school, I inevitably found much of the material redundant, but understood that he had to teach to people who had never seen a derivative before. He would collect and grade homework, but not before reviewing the problems we found difficult. I don't know if he'll teach this class again, but if you're a beginning calculus student, take advantage of the class!
  10. Do not take this class if you are just trying to get a DED credit. Bruce Peterson is nice, but only available for extra help right before the class and will not come in any other time. Total waste of time.
  11. Bruce is a great guy (cookies on friday!!) and is always availible to help before class. tests are very difficult- but self scheduled so less pressure. do the homework. do it well.
  12. If you do the HW you will pass with ease. I only went to class 1/2 times per week and got an A. The tests are very difficult, but they are all take home for a whole week! In addition, Peterson is a all around good guy. He's probably the slacker's best choice for Calc 1 teachers.
  13. This class is ridiculous. I took Calc AB in HS and it wasnt a strong class, but I got an A. I floundered in this class because Peterson likes to scare the crap out his students with exessive extraneous proofs. The class is hard and if you have never taken Calc at all, I would recommend taking a lower level math at Midd before you take this class.
  14. Extremely hard tests

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