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Calculus I

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Professor: Proctor, E.

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  3. Professor Proctor is really nice. You can tell she wants you to do well in the course and wants you to love math like she does. Calc in general is a lame class though. And sometimes the homework problems can be really difficult, but it's important to take Calc and if you do your work, you can do well in this course.
  4. TAKE CALC I WITH PROCTOR! She makes everything very easy to follow and understand. Really nice lady and funny too. Always available for help. Homeworks are graded so done slack they can bring down your grade. GO TO STUDENT HELP SESSIONS
  5. Proctor is awesome. She's incredibly kind and loves calculus, which makes her an appropriate professor to teach this beginner class. Her explanations were thorough, clear and usually not long-winded. Homework could be difficult and usually took between 1-2 hours to complete (which can be shocking at first coming from high school math) but helped a great deal with comprehension and application. Tests weren't incredibly difficult, although the final was tricky. Overall, take this class!
  6. Emily is the nicest teacher I've had at Middlebury. I'm not a math person at all, and I took this class as a distribution requirement. But Emily is super bubbly, super nice, and super helpful. The tests aren't too bad, and she does a lot of review. I agree with what someone said about the homework, though: it's about material that you teach yourself the night before, and then review the next day in class. Pretty dumb. But I had a tiny class and we went over anything we had problems with, so you can correct it before you hand it in, which is SO nice. I dropped down from Calc II to take this class, and it was the best decision ever. The Calc II professor was terrible, and he didn't let us correct our homework from the night before. I'd taken Calc in high school, but not the AP exam, so this was easy, but even for people who've never taken Calc before, this class rocks because Emily is so nice.
  7. If you're thinking about taking calc 1, just do it. I went into the class thinking it was going to be my hardest class, but it was my easiest. It's fine.
  8. Prof. Proctor definitely loves math!! You see it in her bubbly sort of character. She's really friendly, approachable and understanding. Homework is due every class so it is easy to fall behind. Just make sure to start the problems early. If you have trouble with homework, you can always go and meet Prof. Proctor for help. Exams can be challenging, but if you keep up with your daily work, it won't be too hard. Talk to her if you have trouble. You'd be amazed at how understanding she can be!
  9. Emily is a great teacher, she presents the material in a very organized and clear way, and if you take notes you can go back and see any information you need to know. The homework, however is not a good system because you get graded on problems that you haven't had a chance to practice yet. You have homework due every class period that takes upwards of 2 hours.
  10. Professor Proctor realizes that Calc I is not just for the math majors and tries to make it as bearable as possible. She is generally very pleasant and helpful. A lot of students struggle with the class so get help if you need it. It's certainly easy to fall behind with homework being graded daily. Proctor is available for help if needed but schedule early because she teaches a bunch of different classes. Hard final.

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