[MATH 0121]
Calculus I

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Professor: Swenton

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Evaluation Comments for Swenton

  1. The class itself is well-taught. The concepts are difficult to grasp at times, but Swenton is very good at helping clarify and explain them. Although this is a liberal arts college, when I walked into Calc I, I didn't expect it to be entirely about concept. I don't think we used numbers all year except when doing derivatives, and even then it wasn't much arithmetic.
  2. Frank is absolutely amazing. His enthusiasm for math is infectious and he is young so he is easy to relate to. he doesnt' use the textbook which seems daunting at first but the textbook blows. it only gives examples without any real explanations. Frank writes all of his own homework and exams so he can answer any question and knows exactly what he is giving you.Most of the homework can be figured out through examples done in class. Frank also puts up detailed (read: color coded) solutions to every single problem set online. The homework is all optional but as frank will warn you at the beginning of the term, he'll know if you don't do it because you won't do well on the exam. I won't say the class was a snap but the workload was manageable and Frank really puts in the time to make it worthwhile. Middlebury would be worth the money if every professor were like him
  3. OK. He is literally the best math proffesor most probably here in middlebury. He is always available for help or any questions as well. He spends a great deal of time and effort in trying to explain concepts to the class as well as during office hours. He is passionate about what he teaches and presents the materials VERY CLEARLY. Matter of fact i am so spoiled by his teaching style that instead of taking a class in sequence to Calc I i jumped to Linear Algebra since he is teaching it. His way to teaching is very good and definitely effective. Take his classes if you want to learn rather than read a textbook and try to figure it out on your own!!!
  4. Professor Swenton was available to help, but required a ridiculous amount of work. The class should be titled "Proofs," not calculus I, because the entire class was based on understanding calculus through proofs. To encounter calculus by way of proofs is an excruciating experience. Avoid Swenton at all costs.
  5. This was a very conceptual class - nothing like in high school. But overall it's a great class and Swenton is an amazing professor! Definitely take a class with him.
  6. Swenton is a very nice guy and a good teacher but this class is completely useless unless you plan on becoming a math major. This class is very theoretical and there is no textbook, only handouts. I took calculus in high school and I felt as if I had to completely relearn it in Swenton's class due to his completely different and really unnecessary way of teaching it. I don't feel well prepared for Calculus II and I really felt like this class was a waste of time.
  7. I loved Calc 1 - he is definitely AWESOME! I had it at 8 am so I missed it alot but I still did extremely well in the class - and I am by no means good at math. He is always helpful and around, I've seen him with students helping them at the most random times and places. If you are going to take a class, definitely take it with Swenton.
  8. Swenton is brilliant. He focuses entirely on proofs, which can be frustrating. I worked hard and didn't do very well - granted I wasn't planning on ever taking math in college. It was a requirement, and the course was hard - but Swentons a bright guy.
  9. Swenton was great at getting at the theory behind it all, definetly made the whole calc thing pretty painless.

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