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Introduction to Religious Ethics

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Professor: Davis J

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  1. Great class. Good foundation for religion and ethics. Great professor.
  2. No Comment
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  4. This course was my favorite one I took this semester. Professor Davis was extremely skilled at facilitating discussions, and class was always interesting. Even in classes that were supposed to be lectures we had great discussions. There was quite a heave amount of reading-that you had to at least have a minimal idea of to participate in the class, but other than that there was not a lot of work assigned. I was really forced to examine my views on several of the most controversial topics of today, both from a religions and a secular point of view. I would definiteley look recommend this class to anyone looking for a religion class that is pertinent to current events.
  5. I really enjoyed this class. It really makes you think about what you believe about various social issues and why, in addition to exposing you to a huge range of religious ideas. A lot of reading, but it was interesting and relevant. Good discussions. And prof. Davis is a great teacher!
  6. I would recommend this class to my friends because the information that you gain from this course makes you think about the place that religion has in this country. It forces you to question you believes as a religious or nonreligious person. Professor Davis is also a great professor. He's nice and he's approachable. The fact that he was able to keep most of the class awake was admirable because it was an 8 o'clock class. I loved the class, but I will never take another 8 o'clock class.
  7. Professor Davis is incredible. Very engaging and clearly passionate. I would take any course with him. Honestly fun.
  8. Davis is a great prof and really cares about his students, this class is great, if you study for the tests they are VERY EASY, but before writing a paper I would talk to him to see what he wants as it is not always clear. Great course, def. take it.
  9. Davis is a good teacher, but the material was incredibly boring - pages and pages of nothing. Discussions were occasionally good, and tests were very difficult.
  10. If you're looking for a cool religion class/prof, this is great. Davis is a really great prof and I loved the class. It's not too easy, but not too hard and really interesting.
  11. great class, great prof.
  12. Intro to religious ethics was probably my favorite class at Middlebury (am now graduating, so have taken quite a few). I didn't find the readings difficult at all, but I guess it is somewhat theoretical. You have to be able to get into an argument and really look at and care about the details. When you articulate your opinion in class (always lots of discussion), expect that Prof. Davis will challenge you. He's very articulate, and I felt sometimes that he was running circles around me in terms of the discussion. In discussion, besides expressing your own opinion, you talk about and make arguments based on the beliefs and perspectives of particular religious tradition(s) as you read about--so you're arguing from a specific perspective, even if it's not your own. It's good practice, and fun--that's what normative ethics is about. Davis himself is a riot. Completely engaging, GREAT at facilitating discussion and directing it in constructive ways, clear lectures that make it easy to take notes and study for exams (which are very reasonable), and just a great guy.
  13. If you're looking for an interesting class with a variety of viewpoints and opinions, take this class for sure! Professor Davis is awesome, funny and is able to keep his students engaged and interested. The readings are not terribly interesting and can actually be quite boring (though a few were really interesting), but Professor Davis does a good job of making you understand what he wants you to get out of each reading. Overall, I'm really glad I took this course and definitely want to take more courses with Professor Davis.
  14. Professor Davis is an excellent professor and Religious Ethics is a great class if only because it stretches you and forces you to seriously examine your own viewpoints. I wouldn't say it's a really hard class, but you definitely have to keep up with reading in order to be able to participate. The discussions for this class were some of the best I've had at Midd - people really took the time to listen to everyone's opinions (often from many religious viewpoints) and respectfully responded. Definitely take this class!
  15. I didn't find the class as great as some people said...
  16. Davis is a great professor, very friendly and interesting. He's extremely smart, and facilitates great disucssions. He is a tough grader, though, and the course has a lot of reading.
  17. Take it! It's fabulous.
  18. Professor Davis is great! He's a lot of fun and knows a lot about Western religions. He also knows what he doesn't know which I highly respect in a professor. I'm a science person, so religion isn't at all my thing but I still found this class very interesting.
  19. Davis is a great professor, good natured and sarcastic. The lectures can be a bit dry at times (religious ethics, what do you expect), but the workload is reasonable.

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