[HARC 0204]
Approaches to Islamic Art

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Professor: Atherton C

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  2. I DO NOT recommend this class at all. A subject that should be incredibly enlightening and a gateway into a culture widely scorned by Americans becomes one boring lecture after another. Professor Atherton stutters and stumbles over her words. She missed 4 lectures in our class and her computer had multiple malfunctions that caused her to cancel class. I expected to be enlightened by Islamic culture and architecture and instead, Professor atherton manages to make even the most beautiful things incredibly boring. I can hardly wait to get out of her class. The exams are fair however, but the 10 page research paper is really annoying considering we hardly have learned anything about Islam at all. Also, Professor Atherton is INCREDIBLY repititive. Anyone who takes this class will be able to count the words "Vegetal Motifs" about 100 times per class.
  3. If you're really interested in Islam orIslamic art, take this class; if not, please don't. It was a daily debate with myself over whether or not to go to class. Cynthia's great and a very nice person, but I found her lectures to be rambling, confusing, and repetitive from day to day. The reading was excessive and unnecessary. Papers were straightforward, tests were not. I don't think anyone in the class was taking it for an elective, which says something about the course quality and content.
  4. An interesting course - certainly worth it for a broad survey of Islamic art.
  5. I think that more people should take classes as such. Cynthia is an outstanding professor! Not only is she passionate about her work, but she cares about her students, their various learning styles, and personal discoveries within the classroom. Though I entered the class with a passion for Islam and Islamic Art, I was amazed at how much I learned and how many experiences I took away.

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