[ARBC 0103]
Beginning Arabic III

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Professor: Morkus, N.

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  2. Look, it's arabic, so it's hard and it takes a LOT of time. Morkus loves the book and loves exercises so you will do a LOT of those. Also, you will be doing more work than the kids in with other teachers, but you will also learn more vocab and you will learn a little aamia. Most time consuming part is studying vocab for bi-weekly tests, 150 word essays also bi-weekly, and the final project: a 10 minute video for 2 ppl or a 15 minute video for 3 ppl using aamia. It took FOREVER, and then I had to study for the final exam, which also took forever. Everyone was in the room at the 3hour mark and he was "nice" enough to give us an extra half-hour.
  3. 8am five days a week is insanely brutal. But Morkus manages to make it worth it. He's a funny guy and genuinely cares about his students, his weird little quirks are hysterical (he uses a random seating chart to assign partners for group exercises and always makes the class shout "one, two, three!" in Arabic before he presses the button). I had heard he was really difficult and assigned tons of work, but maybe because this was his last semester he was surprisingly lax on the HW front (more so than Ahmed, anyway...) The final video project and final exam were surprisingly difficult, but still he's a fair grader.
  4. Morkus is a good professor, expects too much at 8 am
  5. professor morkus is the best language instructor i ever had! you will learn a lot of arabic and you will have a lot of fun, but be prepared to work 12+ hours a week, or more.

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