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British Literature & Culture II

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Professor: Berg, J

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  1. I went in to this class thinking that it would be an interesting literature course that would go towards my major as well as fill a hole in my schedule. However, this class was perhaps my biggest regret of the semester - it was a complete waste of time. Although Berg is extremely knowledgable about the topics and really knows what he is talking about, the topics themselves are extremely boring and are presented in an equally boring fashion. Unless you want to read nothing but old English epic poems and be bored to death twice a weak by a professor who is as socially awkward as he is boring, than I would not recommend taking this class. However, if you're willing to get through the boredom for a good grade, than it might be worth it. There are only two major papers in this class as well as a take-home midterm and take-home final (honor code/teacher laziness at its finest), and the daily reading really isn't much. I read for the first few months of class but stopped after the midterm and was able to keep up solely on his lectures/class discussions. Is it worth it? I certainly didn't think so.
  2. I didn't find the material itself particularly interesting, but Professor Berg made it so with his enthusiasm and sense of humor. He's very knowledgeable, available to help, and also will to give extensions for papers when the class needs them.

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