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Chips, Bits, and the Web

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Professor: Huang

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Evaluation Comments for Huang

  1. It was absolutely a valuable course I took. Tim is amazingly clear and patient when he explains concepts. I would definitely recommand this class to anybody who has an interest in cs.
  2. The tests were not proportionally tailored to the course material, which kinda sucked. Prof. Huang did a good job teaching the class otherwise, and I was a little surprised with the quality and difficulty of the class. CX103 used to be really easy, now it's pretty damn hard (or at least marginally so). Some of the labs are pretty cool... This person also suggested: more emphasis on networking and such.
  3. CX 103 is a lot harder this year than most people think. The programming and logic stuff is easy if you go to class, but if you slack, you're screwed.
  4. No comment
  5. I found the course to be of minimal intellectual interest. Lectures were hard to convince myself to go to. Labs were very important though. I do know how to make my own web page now, which is cool.

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