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Professor: Landis R

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Evaluation Comments for Landis R

  1. Matt's awesome. He's totally approachable and available, even to students not enrolled in his section. He takes the time to make sure his students understand the material and assingments, but also makes them work to understand the material.
  2. It's not that there is anything particularly unpleasant about this professor. He is actually quite friendly through personal communication although he can be quite droll during discussion due to over-emphasis and unnecessary reiteration of certain points in class. His major drawback lies in the fact that his grading policy for labs is somewhat unfair and he is a bit nit-picky with scoring. Upon receiving a graded lab, I will see a score, then see it crossed out and lowered by a point or two. It is more often that a score is lowered rather than higher. Sometimes it seems like he requires the provision of certain details that seem miniscule or trivial and statements deemed unclear initially appeared pretty obvious. For those already experienced in writing labs, you will need to learn how to write a lab again, due to the scoring deviation of this class's lab write-up. Like I said, the professor is friendly...it's just his green pen that isn't.
  3. landis made the lab classes unnecessarily long and boring. the lab reports were graded unfairly. if i had known that the class would be the way it was, i wouldn't have taken it.
  4. not my favorite class...the labs are long and boring, lab writeups are time consuming and, in my opinion, unfairly/harshly graded.
  5. This course was great. The field work and computer labs really help to get across the ideas taught in lecture.

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