[MATH 0241]
Elementary Number Theory

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Professor: Schumer P

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  3. Schumer is a great professor, and this class isn't too hard, but it's not an easy A either. The homework assignments are due at the end of the semester, so there is little motivation to stay on top of them. The material is fun and Schumer is very into it, but since it was a big class it was mostly just straight lecture. I recommend it, but the quizzes and the homework can get the better of you if you're not careful.
  4. I am a math major, but wasn't really into number theory. Pete Schumer is hilarious, but the material ranges from dull to really cool. I didn't do any homework until the last week of school, but I had to do about 150 proofs for the final portfolio. The tests were pretty challenging because I hadn't done any homework, but I still did well.
  5. As a math major, I enjoyed this course and didn't think it had an excessive workload. That said, Professor Schumer assigned 200+ problems at the beginning of the semester and told us how many we needed to complete to get what grade on the homework portion of the class. It didn't work out to that many problems per week, but you do need to stay on top of them - I worked in the hour before and during class and got through all the problems I needed to. I would NOT recommend this course to someone who took calc in high school and is just looking for a deductive credit. However, for a math (or computer science) major/minor, I would definitely recommend taking it.
  6. I've had other classes with Pete that have been really good, but the way he plans this class is horrible. Biweekly quizzes worth a total of 80% of your grade which are very easy if you're keeping up with the homework, but all of the homework problems are due at the end of the semester so you're not getting much feedback as time goes on. He wrote the text he uses, but the problems in the text are either way too challenging or simple number-crunching, and the text is lacking in examples. Basically, a poorly put together class with marginally interesting material, but I wouldn't recommend the class to anyone.

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