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Formation of Modern American Culture I: 1865-1919

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Professor: Newbury

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  1. Professor Newbury's lectures are very insightful and I was always impressed that he seemed to have all this knowledge off the top of his head rather than relying on a power-point presentation (as many professors do). The readings were the perfect amount and always very interesting, and there was a good variety of modes of learning (music, readings, films, art, photography, etc.) It was graded fairly, and everyone in the class seemed to truly enjoy it. I'd definitely recommend it!
  2. This class was very interesting, but Professor Newbury is somewhat unclear about his grading standards.
  3. Great class - Professor Newbury really knows what he's talking about! The work consisted of two essays for the term and reading before each class, some of which was kind of long or dull but much of which was very interesting. You really only use the books you buy once, for reading before one class, so definitely buy them used or try to borrow them from a friend. In class, Newbury would lecture and then we would have more of a discussion, and he would often show us interesting stuff like old magazines, ads and movies. He had a good sense of humor, and a lot of interesting points to make.

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