[ENVS 0240]
The Science of Climate Change

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Professor: Wolfson

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Not Much (14.3%
Average (28.6%)
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Friendly (28.6%)
Average (42.9%)
Competitive (28.6%)

Class Atmosphere

Boring (28.6%)
Average (71.4%)
Fascinating (0%)

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1-2hr (28.6%)
3-5hr (28.6%)
6-8hr (0%)
9-11hr (42.9%)
12+ hr (0%)

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Harder (71.4%)
Average (0%)
Easier (28.6%)

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Yes (71.4%)
No (28.6%)

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Yes (42.9%)
No (57.1%)

Evaluation Comments for Wolfson

  1. This course was boring and very difficult. The problem sets were tedious and took a lot of time. Though I felt I understood the material well, my final grade was MUCH LOWER than I had ever expected. Prof Wolfson said in class that he wanted to ensure that grades would be adequately low enough and would purposefully make each exam as difficult as possible.
  2. Don't take this class if you just want to dabble in an environmental science course!! Some of the problem sets were a lot of work, and my final grade was MUCH lower than I thought. Some of the earlier problem sets are VERY math intensive, and towards the end they require a lot of computer knowledge. I took this just looking for a fourth class and it was a big mistake.
  3. This class was great. Very interesting stuff and not too hard. Prof. Wolfson is a great person in general and was very understanding about pretty much anything (late homework, missed classes, etc). Presentations mixed in with lectures made for a good combo that was never boring.
  4. This is an intense environmental science class-not for someone who wants to learn about the concepts of climate change. You need a strong environmental science background. The material is very dry. Although Wolfson seems nice and helpful at first glance,he is a rigid, inflexible Professor, contrary to what one of the other evaluation says. The assignments are very long and tedious and require you to be at a computer in bi-hall. My grades were much lower than I expected and not reflective of my efforts. Stay away from this professor
  5. Can't say enough about the professor. The material is easy but part of the reason for that is that Wolfson makes everything abundantly (and sometimes painfully) clear. If you are at all matematically oriented, you will breeze through this course and pick up some interesting tidbits along the way.
  6. I would not recommend taking this class to anyone who doesn't have a burning passion for environmental science. As a non-science person, I found the lectures to be quite boring and I often was confused about the material. In addition, there are problem sets due once a week. These were extremely time consuming and tedious. The exams were also very difficult: Professor Wolfson said that he wanted to make sure that they weren't "too easy" as to guarantee that the average on each exam was sufficently low. Though there is no pre-requisite for this course (besides calculus), I would recommend taking an environmental studies class before because Wolfson and some students would mention terms that were competely foreign to me. Wolfson was also not very helpful when I met with him.
  7. This class is interesting and very easy. Rich could probably fit three times as much material into class and it wouldn't be hard. More for the ES crowd and less for the physicists.

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