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Global Literature for Youth

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Professor: Cooper C

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  1. I have two major complaints. Her excessive writing assignments firstly did nothing more than create work. I'm pretty sure she didn't even read every paper, because in all honesty who has the time to read papers submitted twice a week. My other major complaint comes from the fact that she assigned close 15 books. I would hope that a professor who teaches in the education department would be conscience of the fact that not many people can afford to pay for 15 international childrens books. One of my close friends had to even get funds from the deans office to help pay for the rest of her books. Considering that one of the central arguments of the class is that childhood is a social construction thus making chidlren's literature a social construction then why would you assign double reading. Doesn't that completely undercut the understand that some of these books are more complicated than they seem. Altogether an awful experience and totally not worth it.
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  3. This is a fun class and Professor Cooper is incredibly approachable. The subject matter was very interesting, though I often wished that we would analyze it from more of a literary standpoint--maybe it was the make up of the class itself, but people often seemed to be focusing more on the "global children" part of the description rather than the literature itself. A little bit frustrating for an English major, but most other people seemed to appreciate it. I guess I wanted more ENGL than TEDU. Still, it was great being able to study in depth a genre that is often overlooked by the canon. Some great discussions on the very nature of children's literature, etc.
  4. As a non-English/Lit major, I found this class very approachable and fun. Discussions in class were lively and well-facilitated. I genuinely looked forward to doing the readings every week - they became a relaxing study break!

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