[CHEM 0312]
Inorganic & Physical Chemistry

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Professor: Choi

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  1. This class was really low-key and there was not very much lab work involved. However, we did end up spending A LOT of time in lab as a result of poor organization. Still, the report-writing component of the course was extremely helpful. Sunhee gave very detailed notes on the reports and gave us ample time to correct our reports and re-write them for a better grade. Sunhee and Jim were always around in case we needed clarification. Overall, a pretty great course.
  2. not my best experience with Sunhee. i did not benefit much from this lab- we did almost no real chemistry, it was mostly about pressing buttons on different instruments. it's also tough with sunhee because she changes the requirements for reports every 30 seconds, but she gives good commentary on reports when you get them back, and my writing definitely improved, even if my lab technique did NOT.
  3. This class was grueling! The only reason I took this class was to satisfy the requirement for my chemistry major. If you decide to take this class be sure to commit 100%.

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