[ITAL 0102]
Intensive Beginning Italian II

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Professor: VanOrder

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Boring (77.8%)
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Average (11.1%)
Easier (77.8%)

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Evaluation Comments for VanOrder

  1. Van Order is a great teacher and class was very entertaining-lots of singing and engaging games. He didn't let us doze off even at 8 am every day.
  2. Prof. Van Order is big on singing, which is cool when the song is good. He is always energetic and is slightly more focused than my other intro teachers were. You caan't go wrong anywhere in the italian department though!
  3. great class, lots of fun, not a whole lot of work, and fairly easy if you go to class and pay attention.
  4. This class is fun and easy. Homework is really quick and Prof. Van Order is great. Classes are fun...lots of singing and games and funny conversations. Highly recommended!
  5. Professor Van Order is really great. He's hilarious, and really good at explaining the various grammatical concepts of the course. I feel like I learned really quickly and his teaching methods were really effective. Italian 101 was my favorite course this term, 50 minutes goes by so quickly.
  6. Professor Van Order is great. I never do work but I still have a good grade. We sing songs in Italian which is not only a lot of fun but helps with pronounciation a lot.
  7. VanOrder's classroom is entertaining, but overall not the best academic atmosphere. Students are paired up to figure out new concepts on their own and the the class does excercises rapidly together, so that confused people are cut off by those whose pair had figured out the information. An extremely competitive classroom atmosphere where even the Professor would simply say the answer if a student didn't get it immediately. Assignments were graded as though he wanted to give you the lowest grade possible, whenever you corrected one mistake he overlooked the improvement and marked off another error he had not highlighted before. Overall not an enjoyable class no matter how entertaining or enthusiastic the professor. The Italian department is a great one, you can do better for professors than this course.
  8. I've recommended this class to my friends already. professor van order is the best italian professor at middlebury, even though he's not a native speaker. the songs are fun and they help with pronunciation. the tests are easy enough so you can't fail but sufficiently challenging so can prove you've learned something. the italian department is the best department at middlebury, i think. it's very organized and all the professors are accessible and friendly. you can go up to any of them for help even if you've never taken their classes. sadly, prof. van order won't be teaching next year but apply early in fall of 2007 because, generally, people tend to transfer INto his class, not out of it.
  9. I would take another course with VanOrder, but I would rather take a course with someone else.??Class is somewhat dry and boring, but he gets the information across very well.??If you like to sing, this is your class; otherwise, pick a different professor.

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