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Invertebrate Biology

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Professor: Root T

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Evaluation Comments for Root T

  1. Tom is one of the best professors I have had at Midd. He teaches you A LOT, but really does make the class fun if you are willing to meet him halfway and come into every lecture with a curious mind. The lab practical was one of the most difficult exams I have ever taken, but Tom tends to grade all the other assignments (including lecture exams) pretty easily compared to other biology courses I have taken at Midd, which should make your grade come out okay in the end. Take this course, and even if your GPA takes a minor hit, you won't regret it.
  2. I thought this class did a great job of covering both the basics and some of the more intricate aspects of invertebrate existence. Tom is an absolutely wonderful professor and is very clear with his expectations. He also acknowledges that some parts of the course, especially the lab, can be challenging, but he is fair in his grading throughout the course. The lab practical is the most difficult part of the course, and there are some questions that are a bit tricky, so make sure to use lab time wisely and to keep notes on the organisms you see. Other than that, keeping up with the readings and asking questions when you have them makes the course a whole lot less overwhelming.
  3. Professor Root is great. He is unorganized and this can sometimes be annoying but he is a really great entertaining lecturer/ teacher and knows his stuff. The lab practical is really really hard. Tests are not too bad. Presentation and lab write up are also not too bad. This is not a class you can put behind your other classes. It really requires keeping up with the material. I would only recommend to people thoroughly interested or majors.
  4. Please just avoid this class.
  5. As a required organismal for the Bio major, you should take this course! It's a lot of material, but it's fascinating. Tom's lectures are good, but you must know much more than he talks about. Also, the lab sheets that he provides is extremely unorganized and it is best to organize that in an understandable way before getting too far into the semester. Good course!
  6. Tom is great--so enthusiastic and really passionate about invertebrate biology and invertebrates in general. He was very inspiring. When it comes to the 5 minute in-class presentation and the one lab report (can be a partner effort, if desired), Tom is a super easy grader. I almost feel like my grades were higher than it deserved. However, don't be fooled--the tests are HARD. Study for hours. Actually, study for days. Your grades may not be reflective of efforts, because Tom tends to ask questions that you may not anticipate. Overall, this course was fantastic. I really feel like I learned a lot, and I know I'm not just going to forget what I learned. I walk away from this course with a huge respect for the inverts--the little guys who run our world.
  7. Tom Root is a joy to learn from and his enthusiasm for invert bio is infectious. Lecture is fascinating and we watched some pretty sweet videos throughout. Tests are fair. Take this class.
  8. Tom is truly a Middlebury gem! He loves what he teaches and makes each class fascinating with videos, magazine articles, TONS OF COLORED PHOTOS!!!, etc. He really wants you to learn to learn and nothing else. He is very straightforward and a fair grader. The last lab practical is a beast but you get through it. The rest of the class is a joy! Take it!!!
  9. Tom Root is fantastic. He has so much energy in the classroom, and is always willing to answer questions. He's a bit of a tough grader, so don't take this class if you're looking for an easy A. The lab practical is a pain to study for, but it really isn't that bad in the end. The labs are really fun!
  10. So cool. Tom is great. It really gives you a different perspective on the world to learn about all the billions of things out there that you never knew existed that make up the majority of animal phyla. labs long and impossible to do everything expected, but it doesn't matter too much because tom is chill.
  11. Tom is one of the best professors in the biology department.
  12. Tom is amazing!!! He is so helpful and makes class really enjoyable. There is a lot of memorization, but it's all interesting information. The field trip to Maine is a great way to get field experience, as well as to meet the other people in your class. The lab practical is a pain, but everyone gets through it. If you're looking for a great class in the biology department this is it.

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