[LNGT 0226]
Phonetics and Phonology

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Professor: Rohena-Madrazo, M.

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  1. Marcos is a really sweet guy- funny and relaxed, but the class was extremely frustrating because he never handed anything back and was very unclear about assignments so i never knew how i was doing. in the end, the class was very difficult and also disorganized.
  2. No Comment
  3. This was quite an interesting course! Marcos is very enthusiastic, fun, and keeps the class engaged. His lectures (PowerPoint presentations) are directly based off the readings, which is extremely helpful. I like how he incorporates props sometimes to explain a concept. Grading-wise (with the two exams we had), Marcos is fair. However, the course is challenging. The problem sets (usually once a week and out of the textbook) are manageable but time-consuming, as is the transcription project, which involves foreign languages that no one is familiar with. I would definitely say that a great deal of independence is expected from the student, so I would keep that in mind before registering if you don't have background in the field or at least a significant interest; the class moves very quickly and to some extent, assumes you do have some experience, even if there are no listed prerequisites. If you are up for a challenging but interesting class, I would recommend it. It's also a great way to fill a science requirement (no lab).

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