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Biology of Plants

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Professor: Young H

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Evaluation Comments for Young H

  1. As a biology major and someone genuinely interested in plants, I really enjoyed this class. The assigned workload was very reasonable and I know many people who didn't do the textbook readings and still did well in the class. Helen was really fun and obviously very interested in what she was teaching. One of the only drawbacks was that there was so much basic material to cover that we didn't get into plant-animal interactions or plant ecology as much as I would have liked.
  2. Helen seemed like she would be an okay teacher at first. I'd had her for 195 and the class was pretty easy. I found her 203 lectures to be extremely dull, however. The labs were ridiculously tedious and boring. Also, the plant project is very time consuming. I felt like she required you to memorize a lot of things that were not really useful. Her final exam was ridiculous, not in the difficulty, but in the content. She literally gave the class about 25 new seeds and "food" plants to memorize that had nothing to do with the class. I felt like she could make the class interesting by teaching the concepts behind plant biology more thoroughly, rather than spending so much time teaching you how to key out plant species or identify random parts under a microscope. And on top of all that, she had clear favorites in the class, which sounds juvenile, but it is true. She would make comments during class/discussions/lab that made it quite clear who she liked the best.
  3. Do not take this class with Professor Young. Like someone else said, she is completely unapproachable, I was scared to go to her for help. She had unreasonable expectations and seemed set on giving everybody the worst grade possible.
  4. I had heard some bad things about Helen Young coming into the class, but I found her to be engaging, insightful, and really a brilliant bioligist. Don't believe the hype. Helen Young is great!
  5. I like plants, but I did not like this class. Too much emphasis on recognizing plant parts under a microscope, not enough on diversity and evolution.
  6. Helen I think is one of the weakest links in the biology department. While her teaching style is interesting because it brings in current experiments, this comes at the price of her hardly ever teaching actual the actual concepts of class ? most often she sits in the back and listens to the class discussion. Moreover, she is fairly unapproachable as compared to other professors at this school ? every time I went in during her open office hours I felt like help was very grudgingly given. Finally, her expectations are unreasonable both in terms of the large projects she gives for the class and in her grading. Overall I would avoid this class and this professor if you can.
  7. If you're going to take Bio, take it with Professor Young
  8. Don't take Plant Bio.

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