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Professor: Emerson, J.

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Friendly (62.5%)
Average (37.5%)
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Boring (37.5%)
Average (62.5%)
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3-5hr (37.5%)
6-8hr (62.5%)
9-11hr (0%)
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Average (0%)
Easier (50%)

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Evaluation Comments for Emerson, J.

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  3. The class is interesting and useful for any further statistics and a great way to take a math elective and take care of econ stats at the same time. Emerson is a fine teacher, not the best, but not the worst
  4. Emerson is a nice guy, and presents the material very well. However, the way he speaks is sometimes eccentric, which makes it difficult to pay attention. Some students are still confused after he answers the question, but at least he is trying to make students understand everything he is talking about. As usual, his tests are very hard (the last mid-term is frustrating and seems "impossible"). Nevertheless, we end up learning a lot in this class. I recommend it to anyone who wants to challenge himself. Don't take it if you care about GPA all the time.
  5. Everything the third commenter said. Emerson is well intentioned, but practically incapable of quickly and concisely understanding and answering a question or explaining something in more than one way. Seeking help was so frustrating.
  6. Worst class I have taken at Middlebury, I wish I hadn't bothered. Professor Emerson speaks unbearably slowly. Although the material presented in class was fairly basic, exams were brutally difficult. He offers help sessions to work on homework and is nearly always in his office, but this isn't actually very helpful - seeking help was immensely frustrating. I ended up with a halfway decent grade in the end, but only after a miserable semester. I had wanted to take Statistics in the spring, but no way am I willing to take another class with Professor Emerson.
  7. Atrocious.
  8. This course is good but tough--if you get confused early on, like I did, SEEK HELP IMMEDIATELY!!!! Professor Emerson practically bends over backwards to help his students--ask him for help. Don't rely on yourself, like I did, or you'll just sink further and further. Like I said, it's a tough course, but it is well-taught.

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