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Shakespeare’s Histories

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Professor: Bertolini J

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Not Much (16.7%
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Average (16.7%)
Competitive (83.3%)

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Boring (33.3%)
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1-2hr (16.7%)
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6-8hr (50%)
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Harder (50%)
Average (0%)
Easier (50%)

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Yes (83.3%)
No (16.7%)

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Yes (83.3%)
No (16.7%)

Evaluation Comments for Bertolini J

  1. I hated Shakespeare before this class, and now I love it! Bertolini contributed so much of his self to this class so that we could connect to the material. His points on the readings constantly contributed to the rest of my classes. You don't really have to do much work, since he practically acts out the entire plays during class, like i said: the man is dedicated. Not a lot of work, and a class I looked forward to all week.
  2. I enjoyed Bertolini's lectures, and I feel that I learned a great deal from the class, but the class had a wierd dynamic, and I didn't think our discussions were very successful or welcoming at all. Bertolini tended to make value judgements on statements that students made in class, such as "good job" or "you're so smart" then sometimes he'll say nothing, I think it makes the disussion strained and competitive.
  3. Amazing class... Bertolini will have even the most reluctant loving Shakespeare in no time. He is a wonderful professor.
  4. Personally, I find that Bertolini is afraid of complexity. He does all of Shakespeare's plays an enormous injustice by oversimplifying them. What's worse, he praises those who parrot his obvious and safe interpretations, while discouraging those who attempt to go a step further.
  5. Bertolini is wonderful. He brings Shakespeare to life like no other professor really can. No Middlebury education could be complete without studying Shakespeare with Bertolini.
  6. Great literature, tough exams, and fair papers. Bertolini brings the texts to life. If you want to learn how to read Shakespeare, take this course.

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