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American Landscape: 1825-1865

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Professor: Wilson

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  2. Kit Wilson is one of the best teachers at Midd. He is a very funny and engadging lecturer. Take this class for sure
  3. Best class i have ever taken at midd by far. Wilson is extremely knowledgeable but he is also very witty, which makes for a great, engaging class. the readings are relevant to the course, short and straight forward. do the readings (which aren't long) and pay attention in class and you're golden.
  4. I disagree with the comment above: there are numerous reading assignments throughout the semester but not one of them is necessary to do well in the class (except for the novel that you will have a quiz on...definitely read that). I entered the course thinking it would be an art history class with a lot of evaluations of artworks, which I am rather confident at. However, the course ended up becoming a course full of historical information (minute details, Wilson is very interested in the topics of New York and the individuals so you will end up learning so much useless information). I ended up not taking any notes for the class. We had recitations (where you just write down a poem you memorized), one book quiz which was quite long but easy to do well if you read, a midterm, and a final. The midterm was based on what we learned in class and it is very possible to do it even without having taken any notes because it asks about an artist and if you are any good at evaluating paintings, it should be easy, but I guess it'd be easier if you've been taking notes and having been reading. Wilson, overall, is impressive since he manages to keep the attention of a class (full of seniors) for three whole hours...however, he is rather erratic. Some days, his lectures are great and I get surprised by the clock while on other days, he seems to not have enough to say so fills the empty moments with funny jokes or makes us watch a documentary about New York. I truly believe he is a fantastic art historian; he definitely cares for the topic of Hudson River school and it shows in his ability to link allusions, symbols, and other paintings to a specific work by Cole or Durand. This course is a different environment, and it's definitely worth taking because of Wilson and because you find that even compared to the great artists of Europe, there still is some culture in America.
  5. This is the only "easy" class I've ever found at Middlebury. Professor Wilson is great. He's funny and engaging, and his lectures are more than just the strict material of the course. He lectures about life, too, and it's like a breath of fresh air after weeks of strictly academique lectures in other classes. Wilson brings in his own interests and passions into the reading materials and what slides he chooses to show for class. I loved how open the essays were; he was just interested in seeing you THINK and be creative, he didn't care about any specifique format. Very minimal work for this class. Weekly small readings and small quizzes, but easy to ace them. One mid-term essay on a book, but you can write on whatever you want. Final is an open-topic paper, any length really. Take this class! (The once-a-week meeting time of Tuesday nights is great too :))
  6. Professor Wilson is great. He's very laid back though if he assigns something (which is usually not extensive), you should complete it. The class is graded off of recitations and reading quizzes so be sure to do those. He is extremely intelligent and knows alot about many different things --which he does a great job incorporating into the class. He's a funny guy and I would definitely take a class with him again.
  7. DO THE READING. It's not much, and it's the entire basis for your grade. There's only a final and some quizzes throughout the semester. Wilson is laid back, and has some interesting things to say about our cultures - popular and academic.

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