[GEOL 0201]
Bedrock Geology of Vermont

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Professor: Coish, R.

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  1. Bedrock Geology is a requirement for the Geology major, and it absolutely should be - the class is structured almost as an investigation by the class to piece together Vermont's bedrock geologic history using clues we find during the weekly outdoor field trips. Each lab report is very doable, and gives you an unparalleled opportunity to improve your scientific writing skills and see the way geologists prepare field reports. The final report is a summary of everything you did over the semester, and Ray binds it beautifully with covers and everything, and it becomes a real keepsake. Not only will you learn everything about how Vermont got to where it is today, you will learn a lot about a variety of geological disciplines and ways to approach igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphosed rocks. Definitely take this class, you won't regret it! And don't be intimidated by the amount of work - the community built around the class is pretty valuable.
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  3. Ray's great, he knows the information and is very skilled at getting students to improve their lab reports throughout the semester. My only advice would be to start the final lab early, its a huge project to synthesize all the information, but Ray's very helpful and around to answer any questions.
  4. TAKE THIS COURSE! Ray is a fantastic professor: funny, kind, always available, and well-versed the material. Labs are a lot of fun. The reports take A LOT of time, but it is so satisfying to turn them in. Ray rewards attentive work with good grades, and is always giving valuable advice as to how to improve scientific writing. Class atmosphere is fun, and Ray's quirky sense of humor goes a long way in keeping the funny quotient up. Again, TAKE THISI COURSE! It's a lot of work, but it is so satisfying and is entirely worth it.
  5. This is an awesome class! Ray is patient and explains bedrock features well and thoroughly. The labs are very long, but Ray really helped me improve my scientific writing. Some of the lectures were a little confusing, but everything came together in the end. This class provides a great background for other geology classes as well.
  6. Perhaps the best course I've had at Midd so far. The field trips were excellent and entirely relavent. Six lab reports and one final paper comprise the course grade. The lab reports basically write the final paper for you. This is a college writing course and Professor Coish really teaches you how to write scientific papers. A few of the lectures got tedious, but for the most part they were well presented and understandable.

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