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Beginning Arabic I

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Professor: Liebhaber, S

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  1. This class is extremely difficult! But all beginning language learning classes are, so if you really want to learn Arabic, this is a great professor to take it with. Granted, I felt as if the class was often too fast paced for me, which made it more difficult to learn the material, but we would not have learned as much as we did without the speed of the course. Liebhaber really tries to make the classes interesting, and he actually has a sense of humor! The class is very discussion, exercise drills, and homework based. Personally, Liebhaber intimidates me, but don't be afraid to ask him for help because he really wants students to learn. One thing I wish someone would have told me is that you should NOT fall behind on the vocabulary. It really kills you, especially because if you know all the vocabulary, you will probably never fail a quiz.
  2. Prof. Liebhaber is a great guy, he's funny, friendly and very fair. This is a class where you'll learn a lot but in a very manageable way.
  3. Professor Liebhaber is an absolutely fantastic professor. If you put in the time, you can get a good grade and learn lots of Arabic at the same time.
  4. Sam is an excellent teacher. He is extremely enthusiastic, fair, and organized. He makes Arabic very manageable and is very good at explaining things. Definitely a valuable course.
  5. Sam is actually a very nice teacher...but as person..no comments! He sometimes seem to create a personal bias against some students. The homework were really tough..especially in the beggining but got easier and boring as the course progressed. Arabic is an extremely beautiful language..but I would rather take it with a native speaker.
  6. Obviously, not the easiest language to take. And 8am classes everyday are a killer. You will need to put a lot of time into this course & sometimes his quizzes are a bit funny/misleading, but he is relatively fair. But do the work on time b/c he never takes late homework. No exceptions...
  7. the workload will keep you busy, but it really does pay off. sam is a fair grader, but will go out of his way if he thinks you're slipping behind. a great class with a significant workload but very worth it.
  8. Professor Liebhaber teaches a great intro course for Arabic. He knows which areas of the language are most challenging, and is very good about giving you the heads up on these. He is a fair grader, and will never surprise you with anything. He also has a sense of humor, enough to foster a running gag about the word "chicken" in Arabic. Learning Arabic requires a lot of work, but this class is probably the best way to do it. PS. DON'T fall behind on the vocab - SERIOUSLY
  9. I loved this class. It was a bit hard for me, because it was an 8 AM class every day, but it was well worth it. Prof. Liebhaber truly cares about teaching and helping us learn, and I feel so satisfied with my progression in Arabic, after only one semester. I leave this class excited and smiling, ma-salamah-ing off to my other classes. Great class, great professor, great atmosphere, great language. It looks so cool...
  10. Sam is a really nice guy and does a phenominal job of teaching the language. He learned the language in grad-school and has no accent so he is very easy to understand. He makes you enjoy Arabic. The first month is rough as you are learning the alphabet so there is almost 2hrs of work per night but after that the work dropped significantly.
  11. Sam was awesome, and I really enjoyed taking first-year Arabic with a non-native speaker. He had a feel for where the students would have problems and explained them better than I think a native speaker would have. Some people say he can be a bit elitist, which is true, but it doesn't get in the way of him being a super professor. I learned a ton in this class
  12. Sam is a great teacher, but learn the alphabet beforehand or you will spend about 2 hours or more (if you're me and decide to take Arabic on a whim and not learn the alphabet over the summer you'll spend about 3hrs/day) a day so get ready to work. I would recommend taking it with sam though because he really wants everyone to learn as long as they put forth the effort.

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