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Cell Biology and Genetics

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Professor: Ward J

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Evaluation Comments for Ward J

  1. Take this class with Ward! He is an amazing professor and makes the material much more interesting.
  2. Sometimes the amount of information gets overwhelming and the tests can be difficult but Ward is AMAZING so you can't help but be happy.
  3. One of the most challenging classes I have ever taken, but definitely well worth it. You learn a lot about fascinating, modern-day applications of cell bio and genetics, which is great. Prof. Ward is an amazing instructor, definitely will help you understand the material if you are struggling and take the time to ask him for help. Put in the effort and hard-work and you will end up loving this class.
  4. hard class. Ward is great. study hard.
  5. Ward is amazing, absolutely reassures me as to why I like science, and was always fascinating. Lab on the otherhand, especially with backus is HORRID.
  6. Definitely is a difficult course however if you are willing to put in the work you'll get the grade you deserve. Ward is a great guy and while he may sometimes move fast if you ask him to explain something he does an excellent job.
  7. Really interesting class and Ward is a great lecturer.
  8. Intro Bio courses are tough as they are designed to "weed students out" but if you find yourself fascinated by life and how it works at a molecular level, then this is the course for you. Professor Ward is AMAZING! He really knows his stuff and cares about the welfare of each student, so definitely seek help if at any point you feel overwhelmed. Know everything on study guides prior to tests and you'll be fine.
  9. While I thought Ward was an excellent professor and really made the subject material come alive, the lab was incredibly difficult and ultimately took away from my overal ability to enjoy the great subject matter Ward was teaching and that was covered in the text. You have to know how to absorb huge amounts of material and quickly and also balance that with a lab that is incredibly nit-picky and time intensive. If I hadn't had the lab to go with it, I would have loved the course. Ward is fantastic.
  10. Jeremy Ward is really an amazing teacher. He makes everything incredibly understandable and fascinating. Plus, he's a really cool guy. I probably wouldn't take this class if I wasn't a bio major and/or didn't absolutely love the material. Lab includes a lot of work, so it's basically taking 2 classes.
  11. Ward is one of the best profs I've had here. He's completely fascinated with the material he's teaching, and he's a genius - but not the kind who makes you feel inferior, the kind who makes you want to learn more. He's always available for help and his extra study sessions are definitely worth attending.
  12. Professor Ward is amazing!! He is great at explaining some of the more complex concepts of biology. He really wants you to apply what you learned from the book and lecture into real life problems.
  13. Professor Ward is a great teacher. He teaches processes that could be dry and boring in a way that actually makes you care about what you're learning. The discussion section is almost always about something interesting. However, I'm not sure I would recommend this class to anyone who hasn't taken any bio classes before or is not that interested in the subject.
  14. Take this course with Professor Ward!! He is great. He's super friendly, super funny, and always available to help whenever you need it. He obviously loves his students even though it has got to get boring after so many semesters of teaching the same material over and over again.
  15. This class is difficult. I took IB Biology HL and I struggled a lot. Professor Ward is an amazing lecturer but he wastes 20 minutes of class time each session by giving out an individual and a group quiz when he could be going over the material. The group quizzes are pointless; its always the same kids writing the answers and the others not doing much. Also, if you are not pre-med be warned that most of the kids in the class are and that it creates a competitive environment. TAs are always available to help you. There are a lot of exams, three spread out over the semester and two during finals week, it can get a little excessive. Labs will ruin your life, its like an extra class and I didn't get anything out of them, just a lot of extra work. Its an interesting class, but I would wait until the pass/fail policy goes through to take it.
  16. Professor Ward is absolutely amazing. He's definitely super approachable. The subject matter, on the other hand, is a different story. From the very first class I felt overwhelmed. I went to Ward and told him this, and now were have a meeting every week. It's great. He also has an office in the CCSRE, which says a lot about how much he cares about ALL of his students. He wants to make his classroom comfortable for all students. Labs are ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. I hate them. They are the bane of my existence, and they absolutely ruin my day. Bottom line: Ward himself is great and super helpful, but one can't really consider this class an "intro" bio course.
  17. Professor Ward is great - clear, organized, entertaining, and generally good at communicating. His daughter is adorable. Reading the book helps. Lab with Vickie is demanding, but you learn to love her once you figure out what she expects.
  18. This class really brought out my interest in biology, which I had otherwise dismissed. Ward is a great prof. He cares about his students and their learning. My favorite part of the class were the discussions. The topics brought up, and relating them to what we were learning that week, was so intriguing. He was a great moderator in the discussions as well. 3-5 hrs per week for lecture and discussion is a good estimate if you read the discussion materials and skim the book. It would be higher obviously if you read every page of the book, but its not totally necessary. I would definitely recommend this class.
  19. Professor Ward is an extremely intelligent man who loves his students. The material covered in this course was fascinating though very "in-depth." There's a lot of matieral to be learned and this course proved to be demanding. I would strongly recommend this course to any of my peers.
  20. If you're interested in biology on the microscopic level, this class is perfect. Ward is a really great instructor, and makes everything interesting. Lab for this class sucks though, because the grading is just unfair. Besides that, it's an awesome course!
  21. People often say that Professor Ward is amazing... I disagree. You have to study lecture notes in order to do well in his tests.
  22. Ward is the man, the class was really interesting. Lab was rather hard though and incredulously time consuming
  23. Professor Ward is the best professor to take this intro class with. He is clear, articulate, and has a thorough grasp of all of cell bio. He also understands when the class needs to go more slowly through a difficult topic. Though cell biology can be incredibly difficult for some, Ward makes the whole process easier. If you're not a science student, though, I wouldn't recommend Cell Bio - the labs are details-oriented and can be a burden on an already-stressful schedule (it's basically like taking two classes).

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