[BIOL 0331]
The Genetics of Cancer

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Professor: Ward J

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  1. jeremy is one of the best in the biology department. the material is interesting, but you need a solid background in cellular biology and lots of lab time is pretty much crucial. pretty intense stuff, but formatted more like a seminar. the problem sets are killer, and the final exam is a grant. not that many assignment, but they're killers.
  2. Although I gave this course high marks, it is important to stress that you should expect to draw from your introductory biology facts quite a lot. Studying for the exams and doing well in labs requires that you completely understand the material-- there is no bluffing it. But the course is unique, exciting, and thought-provoking.
  3. Genetics of Cancer is the hardest class I have ever taken in my life, but during J-term, I grew immensely as an individual and learned more than I thought was possible. Someone said this class is harder than J-term Orgo, so be prepared for tons of work, but trust me it is definitely worth it. For us, there were no exams, but you still had to do the readings since Professor Ward will call on you in a random fashion and participation is a third of the grade. The human interest paper is sort of fun to do since it deals with issues outside of molecular biology. The grant is very tough to start and you will dread it, but lock yourself in your room all weekend and you will be fine like I was. Finally, have fun with the presentations, Professor Ward has a good sense of humor. In the instructions, it mentions to use 1-2 figures, but it is definitely fine to use as many as you want as long as you stay within the 10 min time limit. If you want to have a fun J-term, don't take this class, but, if you want to gain the mastery of being able to read primary scientific literature and talk about it knowledgeably (which is an eventual goal for all scientists) take this class and if you keep a positive attitude, you won't regret it. After all, you can always ski during Feb break :)

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