[BIOL 0250]
Cells and Organelles

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Professor: DeSimone S

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Evaluation Comments for DeSimone S

  1. No Comment
  2. Study hard and enjoy it
  3. Susan is a great lab professor...she's a tough grader but makes you work hard and think for yourself. She's very helpful and really knows her stuff.
  4. the lab section did not at all correlate to what we learned in lecture, and the lab professor did not hand back any grades
  5. biology is awesome! ...just don't take it with DeSimone.
  6. As a student coming off high school AP Biology with a 5, I thought Biology would be a breeze. However, I felt that the lab section was disproportionately time consuming (especially when compared to the lecture portion of the class). It was frustrating that many times, the emphasis in the lab section was focused more on formatting and less on learning the material. The formal labs were a perfect example of this. Although, there was also one agonizingly painful assignment where you were required to highlight a number of 4-5 page articles line by line in order to indicate which lines were opinion and which were fact. Basically, if you take this class, just remember to pay attention to ALL the details. They take points off for EVERYTHING, but if you follow the instructions to the "T" you will be fine. The class material is not inherently difficult in itself, but it is easy to lose points quickly (for example by forgetting a section on a prelab or turning in an assignment late!).

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