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Environmental Geology

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Professor: Munroe J

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  1. Though this was a class that was fairly easy to get through throughout the semester--it didn't require much work and field labs were a LOT of fun--I had a serious problem with the way Professor Munroe grades things. His standards of evaluation were NEVER made clear to the class, so you could get a bad grade and have no idea why... especially because his comments and annotations are vague and not revealing to what he was looking for at all. Tests were fair in that you were certainly only tested on what you learned in class, but you would answer the question he posed directly, and he still took points off because you didn't explain something about the concept that he NEVER EVEN ASKED YOU TO EXPLAIN. He assumed you knew what he was looking for. Very frustrating, very unfair in that sense. That all being said, he is a professor who is very willing to help anyone who asks for it (which only helps after the fact). I recommend this class apprehensively, if only because I believe the material presented is very valuable and because you do learn a lot about local VT geology through the various (awesome) field labs.
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  10. solid class. fun labs. interesting lectures, reading, and material. somewhat difficult exams. if you only take one geology course here, i'd recommend 112.
  11. Jeff is a great lecturer, never missed a class. The labs were fun and interesting, almost always outside. You will learn a lot about the surrounding community, as well as geologic and environmental issues everywhere. Lab reports are simple and straightforward, not very time-consuming. Tests covered everything that we talked about, though they were timed and he demanded a lot of detail and knowledge.
  12. The combination of lecture and lab in this class is amazing; you learn about a broad range of geological issues (plate tectonics, mineralogy, fossil fuels, waste disposal, water quality and contamination, soil issues, etc.). Jeff is a hilarious person but simultaneously totally brilliant, and he teaches a ton if you pay attention. The lab assignments will only take a couple of hours per week (some formal write ups, some informal responses), and there are three exams on top of that. THe last one is only mildly cumulative. Take this class if you need a cognate or just want to learn a bit about a lot of different important geology topics.
  13. Jeff is a great guy, but environmental geology is basically just a geology survey, covering the same stuff any basic geology class would or has. Jeff's the man, though, and the field trips were pretty cool.
  14. This class provided a lot of basic information that I think I will retain as a result of all the awesome outdoor labs. Jeff's lectures are mostly very easy to follow and are straight forward. He includes bits of humor and sarcasm here and there too. However, he does always seem to sort of make the assumtion that what he is explaining is very easy and doesn't think that someone might not understand it for some reason. The tests are not too bad - challenging enough, but no suprises at all if you study hard. My one recommendation that ES people trying to get a taste of Geology take a different course because this one doesn't go too deep into the geology stuff. At the end of the semester we talk about waste disposal, water supplies, etc. Only the first bit is really on hard core rock stuff.
  15. Jeff is AWESOME. He is super friendly both in and out of class and even though it is a lecture, he does his best to get everyone involved. To be honest, I never though I would take geology and for sure though I would never enjoy it if I did. But Jeff really proved me wrong. Everything we learned was applicable to the real world and current events, which made it that much more interesting. The tests were a little stressful, but that was only due to the time limit. Other than that, they were completely fair as long as you take good class notes and study them thoroughly. Definitely take this class!!
  16. One of the best classes I've taken at Middlebury! Jeff was a big part of that! He really relates well with his students, and is friendly and engaging in lecture. He really went out of his way to get to know us individaully! I would take another geology class just so that I could have him again! The class itself was more than half basic geology, bringing in the environmental piece more towards the end of the class. Interested in ES, this class was great because I got to dabble in geology. Labs were fun, short, painless,but I also learned a lot!
  17. A GREAT class! Jeff is a very interesting lecturer who covers a lot of material, all of which is very interesting and relevant. This is by a long shot the best class that I have taken at Midd. And on top of that the workload is not bad at all, the lab write-ups are short and to the point. I recommend this class highly to anyone who has and interest in ES or just trying a geology class.
  18. Jeff is amazing!
  19. Jeff Munroe is amazing. He is so nice and funny and very reasonable. His tests are so fair, they are exactly what we discussed. They are not extremely easy in anyway, but very fair. I strongly recommend this class. He is great and has just an amazing personality. The labs are so fun, field trips every week! Take it!
  20. Jeff is great! Learned a lot in the class, found a new love for geology, and wouldn't hesitate to take another class with him or in the dept.
  21. A great class! Lots of interesting material, and a wonderful professor! I especially loved field labs: educational and entertaining! One thing though: be prepared to rush yourself on exams. There is hardly enough time to complete them, and he wants thorough answers.
  22. take this class if you can at Middlebury. you won't regret it. jeff is amazing, and the best combination of brilliant and modest. the labs take you to really cool places (landfill, limestone quarry, waste water treatment plant, middlebury river), the exams are fully straightforward, and he doesn't expect much of you other than to study hard. you learn about fossil fuels, plate tectonics, waste management, water, soils and several other extremely interesting topics. if you need a lab cognate in particular, take this class with jeff. you wont regret it.
  23. Great Class! Prof Munroe provides concrete info on some important real-world issues. I recommend this course to anyonw who will be a future land-owner and to anyone who enjoys going outside to do fun labs without any serious write-ups.

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