[GEOL 0112]
Environmental Geology

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Professor: Amidon, W.

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Evaluation Comments for Amidon, W.

  1. Will Amidon has been one of my favorite Professors at Middlebury. Anyone who has given him a negative review here obviously does not understand his sense of humor or his quirkiness. This class is a huge overview of basic geology concepts pertaining to environmental systems (such as the water cycle, etc) and then at the end of the course we went more in depth into geo resources (gas, oil, fracking, etc) and current geo/enviro issues. Great course. Yes, tests are hard, but labs are really chill. If you like a relaxed class environment (and professor) this is a great class.
  2. Great class!
  3. Will is great! He is definitely the most passionate and interesting professor I have met @ middlebury! Genuinely enthusiastic about geology. And the labs are of so much fun! Exams and lab reports can be challenging, but as long as you come to class every time and work hard, you will be fine. If you are interested in geology or just need to take a course to fulfill the requirement, definitely take it with Will!
  4. OK so Amidon may have started off well (as the reviews below indicate) but I am in his class now (fall 2012) and it is absolutely dreadful. His labs are terribly disorganized and have nothing to do with what he has taught in class. Also, he continuously lets you know that you will never use what he is teaching you again in your lives. The tests are really hard and I scored horribly on my first test even though I worked a good deal for it. Avoid this guy. He is coming up for review and if anyone at Admin cares about student input, please take note so that other Middkids don't suffer.
  5. Will is amazing and I expect he'll only get better as it was his first semester teaching. This class was great. Take it!
  6. This is a wonderful class taught by a great and fun professor. Will does a good job making the class as interesting as possible and though he can stumble in some lectures he is not too proud to go over topics if he feels he did not do them justice. The labs are every week and often take longer than you might expect. Overall, highly recommended
  7. Will is very friendly, understanding, and fair, and offers a fun class environment. The labs are fascinating, but the material covered in class can sometimes seem dull. I found the exams to be rather difficult, but there are plenty of other ways to keep your grade up. If you are looking to fulfill a science requirement, this is a great class to take.
  8. This class was great. It was Will's first semester teaching which made the ride a little bumper than can be expected in the future. However, Will put a lot of effort into the class and it paid off. A lot of the labs were really interesting field work or fieldtrips. The lab write ups could really be a pain, but hopefully he will improve these. Not that tough of a class, really interesting stuff, great professor.

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