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History of Photography

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Professor: Hoving K

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  4. Prof. Hoving really knows her stuff. There can be a lot of reading but usually there's not too much work. Only 2 papers and 3 exams. Make sure you're ready for a lot of memorization for exams.
  5. You really have to like photography (and being bored out of your mind) to want to take this class.
  6. Her lectures were so dry and painfully boring. She makes interesting material and amazing artists so bland and tough to sit through. It is too bad because there is so much potential to this class material. Her exams were impossible. If you're looking to take this class, beware, she's a tough grader... and what is the point of memorizing countless trivial facts about dozens of photographers.
  7. Prof Hoving is an amazing lecturer. She is always prepared and on her game. She makes studying for exams really easy by preparing slides on powerpoint. She also tells interesting stories and fun jokes during class. Easy for a 200 level art history. much easier then any intro course.
  8. Professor Hoving is one of the professors at Middlebury that truly cares not only about a student's grade in the class, but also whether or not the student has developed a greater appreciation/understanding of photography. She is highly knowledgeable about her subject which makes in class lectures and projects she assigns interesting. The only bummer about this class are the consistent homework assignments that usually consist of reading an extremely long (and sometimes dry) essay about photography and then reporting about it in a 1-2 page analysis. However, these homework assignments aren't bad when one considers the fact that the two projects are EXTREMELY fun and interesting and best of all- no final exam!
  9. This was a really fascinating class. The workload was fairly light for an art history course, and although Prof. Hoving was boring and condesecending at times, she was in general a really good professor.
  10. Hist. of Photography was absolutely fascinating. Professor Hoving presented the material in a very logical and interesting way, at a perfect pace that allowing for a thorough understanding without getting boring. Just be prepared to memorize 10-15 slides a week for the quizzes, but don't let this discourage you from taking the class...
  11. it was great
  12. Lots of work that gets irritating if you're not an art major.
  13. I was really excited to take this course since I enjoy both photography and history. Unfortunately, the potential was wasted - almost all relevant material for the papers and tests was covered in class - I didn't read the textbook after the first week. A lot of the material, particularly that covered in discussion section, didn't really seem to tie together, it was more just whatever professor Hoving wanted to cover. The class had more work than I expected when I signed up - 4 tests and 2 papers, as well as one paragraph reading responses due roughly once a week (I didn't put much time into these, but as far as I can tell they didn't drag my grade down). Tests consisted of 5 or so id's, 2 unknowns, and an essay - nothing too complicated and almost entirely stuff we discussed in class. One essay was based on a photography exhibition in the Middlebury Art Museum and the other was more research based, but neither was too arduous. Still, the amount of work was higher than it needed to be for us to learn the material. Not a terrible way to get an art credit, but I'm sure there are better options out there.
  14. great class if you are not a HARC major and want to get your ART distribution credit. Hoving is great at making the material easy to understand.

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